Turkey: Food Security and Livelihoods Manager

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Organization: Mercy Corps
Country: Turkey
Closing date: 03 Nov 2015


As Mercy Corps seeks to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression around the world we recognize that instances of sudden change within a country or region, are rare moments of opportunity. Mercy Corps is interested in strengthening presence for early as well as longer term programming for Syrians, including those who have been displaced, and will be present initially in the north, with expansion of programming to other regions over time. It is imperative that Mercy Corps present itself as a key and reliable partner with various donors, INGOs, government authorities and civil society actors, to be part of the process of positive change. Mercy Corps, with its global experience in working in countries undergoing major transitions, will be a key contributor in the process, bringing knowledge, expertise and strong management skills to position the agency as a partner of choice for progressive change in Syria, as well as in response to refugee and vulnerable populations in Turkey.


The Food Security & Livelihoods Manager is a member for the technical oversight and planning unit that works under the supervision of Director of Programs for North Syria. This requires being responsible for ensuring the delivery of high quality Food Security & Livelihoods interventions in North Syria and developing strategies for the continuation of the interventions. This position includes, developing tools for assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, capacity building of local partners and Mercy Corps staff, reporting, and evaluation of the program and preparing periodic reports back to donors, as well as close coordination with other Mercy Corps efforts during the emergency.

For a complete description and application process, go to www.mercycorps.org/careers.

How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply: http://www.aplitrak.com/?adid=bWNyaW1pLjA2MDUzLjM4MzBAbWVyY3ljb3Jwcy5hcGxpdHJhay5jb20

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