How To Turn Off Airplane Mode on Android And iPhone

turn off airplane mode

By turning off Airplane mode on Android or iPhone, you are putting back your phone to full functionality without any limits. You are able to make and receive calls, and text messages and also do anything else that requires your device’s radio-frequency and signal transmission technologies.

If your Samsung or iPhone 11 is a device unable to make calls or even connect to the internet, you may have accidentally activated flight mode. All you will need to have it disabled is to follow the instructions below in order to turn off flight mode on Android and iPhone iOS devices.

How To turn off airplane mode on Android

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Network and connectivity”
  • Toggle to “Off” next to “Airplane Mode”

Toggling to off will disable “flight mode” on any Android phone including Samsung, Nokia, etc. You can alternatively swipe down the top of your screen and tap the “Airplane” icon in case your device is locked. This should turn it off in case it was on. In brief, go to “Settings >> Network and connectivity >> toggle off Airplane mode”.

How to turn off flight mode on iPhone 11

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Toggle to “Off Airplane mode”

You can also do this by swiping down from the top of your iPhone 11 home screen and tapping on the “Airplane icon” to disable it.

What is Airplane mode?

On almost all smartphones and similar devices, there exists a feature labeled “airplane mode,” which is sometimes referred to as “Aeroplane mode” or “flight mode.” When you switch to flight mode, your device’s wireless signals get completely stopped. Whenever the setting is turned on, the device’s digital display will show an aircraft symbol.

Because many airlines forbid wireless devices aboard their aircraft, particularly during takeoff and landing, the feature is known as airplane mode. Although there is significant confusion over whether phones could actually obstruct radio equipment in flights, the majority of people believe that it is advisable always choose the side of safety.

When should you activate flight mode on Android or iPhone?

  • When your phone battery is low
  • When in another country to avoid roaming charges
  • When kids are at work with your phone
  • When you don’t want to receive calls or text
  • When you don’t want to use cellular data

Turn on flight mode Follow the same instructions as when “turning off” but this time round, simply toggle “Airplane mode” to on. This will activate the feature and you won’t be able to make any communication via calls, texts, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

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