Turn Off Crossing / Grid Lines On Android When Touching

Get Rid Of Crossing Grid Lines On Android When Touching Making use of your mobile device to its maximum without any interference is what many aim for. This is because one is able to use the different features contained in the smartphones in addition to using those which are known as third party. However, many don’t live by this for one reason or another among which include some malfunctions.

In this tutorial, I am sharing with how to get rid of, fix, disable and turn off those crossing or grid lines on your Android smartphone every time you touch the touchscreen. This lines tend to appear in different colors including blue, red, black and do cross from any side to any other side depending on how you scroll or navigate on the touchscreen for example when removing the lock pattern.

This “malfunction” as many refer it to, well as I personally know it as an inbuilt feature of most android smartphones, not only creates the different grid crossing lines bit too adds numerical numbers on the upper side of the device, a thing which confuses many and makes them wonder how to get past it.

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Whether you own a Samsung, LG, Sony, Xperia, Galaxy, S3, Mini, Tecno, iTel, iDroid and etc, the fact is that this article will guide you on how to get rid, deactivate, remove, and or solve this problem. Before you think of hard resetting your smartphone as it happens to many, before flashing it as many recommend, it is very important for you to follow the simple steps and procedures below.

  • Begin by Activating Developer options on your android device.Go to settings, About phone and tap “Build Number” 5 times simultaneously. You will too see a notification that you became a developer.
  • Go back to settings, and scrolling below and tapping on Developer Options and enable.
  • Still on Developer options page, Turn pointer location checkbox off, or Show data tick to off.

That is all, the screen grid lines will automatically stop to display and you will enjoy your mobile device once again the way you want it without any interruptions.

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