How To Turn Off / Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads

Facebook Messenger “I dragged the Chat head notification onto the recycle bin and it went. But within a few seconds, another one from another friends popped up onto the my Tecno Boom J homescreen. Truth is, I have completely failed to locate the permanent disabling / turn off menu to help me get rid of Facebook Messenger Chat heads from my device”. Oh yes, this is what Martha emailed me in need for a solution on how to completely turn off / disable Facebook messenger chat heads.

I know she isn’t alone out there looking for this. Basing on the number of texts and emails I have received from different users about this, there was no way I would continue resisting to share the solution and fix on how to completely turn off / disable Facebook messenger chat heads for reason being, many wanted it.

Facebook messenger chat heads once set on (and which seems to be default once the application is installed and used) notifies you instantly you receive a message from your friend. And lie many understand it well that not all people know how to dig deeper i order to personalize or customize settings, it is for this that many keep asking this same question over and over.

I know it well that by the time you chose to read this, you already knew what Facebook messenger is all about, and why these heads pop up on your mobile home screen. For this, I won’t spend much time going into details but rather, will straightaway take you to the full steps on how to get rid or disable or turn off the chat head notifications.

Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads

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1. Launch messenger, navigate top right and tap on profile.
2. Scroll down Chat heads and drap the blue circle to left.

That is it, the notification chat heads will no longer show up on your home screen. You will continue using the Facebook messenger application as usual with no effect apart from the notifiers being off. All your messages will stay intact and viewed once you open up the application. No more worries of others seeing the face of whom you are chatting with 🙂

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