Typhoid Fever Hits Kampala – Lessons & Tips Learnt

Typhoid fever hits Kampala where many died while others got admitted. Its another even in Uganda to remember. Lessons we learnt and control. This crisis in Uganda’s capital led to a situation which saw many end up being admitted in clinics, hospitals (both private and public) and the government set treating centers by the Kampala capital city authority aka KCCA.

While some especially those who were the first ones to suffer from this Typhoid killer died while others admitted without knowing what the problem was, many were busy laughing and attributing the problem to many situations which included Aids, ‘Juju’ (traditional diseases), malaria and others not knowing that there turn was under way.

Its so absurd that many take others sufferings as if they are self called when indeed such is not the case. Many people were suffering without knowing what was happening and going on exactly not until the situation was identified and Typhoid diagnosed as the problem.

What Causes Typhoid Fever?

According to Wikipedia, Typhoid-Fever is believed to be caused by inputting dirt through eating of contaminated foods and other stuff like water where by the situation worsens when one continues to do the above without knowing.

In Kampala city are various suburbs like Mengo Kisenyi, Wandegeya, Katwe, Kasubi, Natete, Kibuli and others where its believed that many of those areas are over populated while at the same time lacking proper access to basic needs like Toilets, good water and others.

Many areas share those public built but paid toilets and wash rooms which means that having no money to spent for such services might make one to litter ‘the bad’ in areas which might end up contaminating water and other facilities.

When Typhoid-fever was first diagnosed, many never believed that Low Hygiene could have been one of those which would be attributed to having caused the recent situation – Typhoid Fever hits Kampala, and other surrounding districts in Uganda. Thanks to the government, the KCCA, the Army and other stake holder who have been there and have continued to be there to ensure that patients are treated and sensitization carried on to curb the problem.

When I visited Kisenyi Health Center – the one which is owned and run by KCCA, I was very amazed to find the army officers and doctors doing the treatment work despite the huge number of patients who were waiting to be served. Always and ever, the concerned need to and should always be there to help the needy like it is for the government and its people.

Lessons We Learn From The Recent Typhoid Fever Hit In Kampala

Typhoid-Fever is a killer. It requires proper treatment in order for one to heal. And the only way to know whether one is suffering from Typhoid-fever is to take a test and which can be done by visiting a health service provider.

Tips To Control Typhoid Fever Hits Kampala & Other Parts

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Taking control of your life begins from home. You should always be clean and stay cleaner in everything you do. You should always wash your hands with soap and water every time you suspect touching dirt for example from the toilet or even touching the sick person.

You should always ensure that sick people and taken to health centers and hospitals just in case. Its good to share with others about this killer so that they can know and too stay aware of what to do.

Found this helpful? Rate it by way of sharing it with your friends using the social share buttons and leave a comment to share your thoughts. This post was written by Kateregga who is a Kampala Resident in Kisenyi.

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