UAW Blogspot WordPress Auto Posting – How To Setup / Configure Your Blog Receive Free Contents From Wizard

UAW Blogspot WordPress Auto Posting - How To Setup / Configure Your Blog Receive Free Contents From Unique Article Wizard Learn how to set up UAW Blogspot WordPress Auto Posting. Yes, this tutorial takes you through the different steps and procedures on how to configure your Blogger Blogspot blog to start receiving free contents from Unique article wizard on auto pilot. This means that once you are well set, all you need is to sit and relax while your Blog does it all on auto pilot. This too allows you the chance to set up as many Blogs as possible simple because you can manage them.

If you missed my other article on how to get free website and blog contents from unique article wizard, I will brief you here. UAW is a free unique articles and content provider. It is available in both the free and pro version but of course with different features in each version. And yes, you can be able to set up your UAW Blogspot WordPress Auto Posting, and through your email or even on your WordPress site for as long as you follow the procedures.

How to set up UAW Blogspot WordPress Auto Posting

For WordPress Blogs, setting your your UAW auto posting is very simple. You only need to download the UAW plugin, install it, configure it and publish your test post. Once you are done, you will be able to start receiving automatic contents and you are done that easily.

For UAW Blogspot Auto Posting, the procedures are very simple. All you need is to follow these few steps below.

1. Log into Blogger dashboard, and go to settings on the Blog you want to auto post.
2. Click mobile and email, email publishing and set it to instant publish.
3. Set your auto publishing email eg and save settings.
4. Log into UAW dashboard and select Blogspot under the “format”.
5. Enter your created Blogger auto publishing email under the “Email Article Delivery Address”.
6. Fill in all other information and update settings. You will get a post on your Blog with a link to verify.
7. Click on the link and you would have successfully verified and activated your UAW Blogspot WordPress Auto Posting.

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