Ubercpm.com Reviews – Is Legitimate or Scam?

Ubercpm Reviews If you are searching for “one of the highest CPM AD Network for publishers”, this is what exactly is “claimed” by Ubercpm.com. This same slogan is one of the first words any visitor to this service’s homepage will see, and located below the top of some one who seems to be very busy typing something – possibly an article for his or her site. In this review, I bring to you some of the information you might have been looking out with regard, and all you need is to read on.

Ubercpm.com, a domain which was first registered on 2015-12-12 according to whois, “claims” to be one of the best services where “Publishers earn more revenue with CPM Ads from the leading CPM Advertising Network”. And if all what is said and written is true, the fact is that many would make real money compared with many others in the same industry. One question which until now people ask is whether they are Ubdercpm is legitimate or simply a scam site one wouldn’t want to waste time on.

When you take a look at what is written on Ubercpm.com website, it is “claimed” that publishers earn up to 80% share of what advertisers pay for Ads, and this meaning that they have the “Highest CPM Rates for Publishers”. Additionally, publishers are approved instantly, and can add an unlimited number of websites, which can help in earning more. Lets take a look at the features claimed.

Ubercpm.com claimed features

  • Free to join and create an account
  • Instant publisher account approval
  • Pays up to 80% advertiser revenue to publishers
  • Supports all PG-13 rated sites include free powered sites
  • PayPal payout option
  • $25 minimum payment threshold
  • Up to $10 eCPM!
  • 24 hours ticket response system
  • Range of ad formats supported eg “120×600, 160×600, 300×250 and 728×90”.
  • Net 2 payment basis eg you are paid on 2nd for ended month
  • Site easily navigable
  • Informative info available eg FAQs

What I like about Ubercpm.com

Trust me, every publisher would want to be paid as early as possible. This is because one is able to use earnings to care for any other bills and etc. Being paid at a net 2 days basis is a very vital factor and a thing I love. Additionally, the minimum payment threshold of $25 is very easy to reach in any given month and many would be guaranteed to at least make payout each month. Support of PayPal which is available in almost every country makes many favored when compared with other similar providers, and etc.

What I dislike about Ubercpm.com

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From what is posted on their website, I can’t lie that I have yet found something I can take to be a dislike. I know there might be but I haven’t personally come across one. Since I can update this post, sure I will share with you once I find one.

Is Ubercpm.com legitimate or scam?

Sometimes I don’t personally believe in things which seem to be easy on anything. Yes, this is because many end up otherwise. Please don’t quote me wrong, I am not saying that they are scam or even legitimate. This conclusion will come very soon basing on the fact that I already have an approved account and started running ads on my other sites. I will share with you the money I start seeing my stats, earnings and when I get paid or not. As usual, I suggest that one too joins as its the best way one can tell whether they Ubercpm is scam or legit other than making judgements basing on what others say.

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