Uganda ABS TV Kalondozi Show Banned, YouTube Channel Has All Spy Videos

ABS TV Uganda Kalondozi With Hajjat Aisha Wondering what happened to Uganda’s ABS TV Kalondozi show which is remembered for bring the spy results in public? Do you still miss that program by Aisha where she used to expose the “obwamalaya” and “nakedness” of both the males and females who were caught up in action? Oh yes, many people including me still have this program in memories well as its closure is not the end of it all.

When I visited the ABS TV Kalondozi show YouTube Channel, I was able to find and locate all of the previously and past aired videos, and which made me watch them. Among the videos I watched included one where Maggie Kayima who is popularly known as Nabbi Omukazi exposed her witches and naked looks in the video. And yes, I have seen many Ugandans search for this video just to see what is entailed.

This Nabbi omukazi video is I think the last which was aired live on ABS TV Kalondozi before it was forced to closure by the Uganda communication commission (UCC) on grounds that the show violated some of the media and broadcasting acts including peoples privacy.

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It should be recalled that this show used to show spy results from the different people live on air and it was a program which the below 18 years of age were not supposed to watch. Oh, surely many people will miss this show as it is already been seen basing on the number of those who are still searching for the video by Aisha. May be its existence would have helped our Uganda society to style up and leave those prostitution acts which are not worth.

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  1. Harriet says:

    It is a shame to Ugandan women. Exposing the naked body in the name of riches and getting known. Nabbi omukazi deserved it and it is a lesson to learn by the many ugandan ladies and women. God gives riches and men. Work hard and you will be rewarded. Thanks to youtube for continuing to show us those videos. Kalondozi can still be run in privacy. Poor ucc banning this program

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