Uganda Registration Services Bureau, The Start Point to Registering A Company In Uganda

The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) is an autonomous statutory body established by Chapter 210 Laws of Uganda in 1998. It was created to under take all the functions of the Registrar General’s Office under the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs which is responsible for Carrying out all registrations required under the relevant laws, maintaining the registers, data and records on registrations affected by the bureau and to act as a clearing house for information and data on those registrations, Evaluating from time to time the practicability and efficacy of the relevant laws and advise the Government accordingly.

Others include carrying on research and also disseminate research findings in the fields covered by the relevant laws through seminars, workshops, publications or other means and to recommend to the Government any improvements in the relevant laws appearing to the Bureau to be required as a result, Performing any other function or to carry out such other activity as may be conducive or incidental to the efficient discharge of its objects or as the Minister may, by statutory instrument, direct among others.

The Entire Process

Below is the whole process that is involved in order to register a Company or Business in Uganda with the starting point being the URSB offices.

1. You will need to visit the URSB offices and obtain the application forms for reservation of a Name and make a payment to the bank.

2. Upon payment of the required fee, the suggested name is subjected to a search in the business registry database.

3. Once the name passes the similarity, defensive, offensive, desirability test then it is reserved for a period of 30 days only.

4. The above should be followed by Filing the required documents for registering a company for example the Memorandum and Articles of association as provided in the schedule to the Company Act Cap. 110 depending on the company type for example company limited by shares, by guarantee or any other.

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5. Once all the above documents are submitted, you will be given a waiting time in order to verify all your documents and finally have your company registered.

The time taken to finish everything might differ depending on kind or nature of company that one is registering.

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