Uganda Telecom Seems Not To Know Who Customers Are – Style Up!

With Uganda Telecom being one of the phone service providers in Uganda offering both landline, mobile and data service despite the fact that it too claims to offer a good customer service and care, to me it all looks like they have not lived to reach that claimed satisfaction and which customers are interested in. I really wonder why some business claim to take customers as the boss yet in real sense, its them who remains the boss basing on what they involves in.

There seem to be one thing which many don’t understand – that without clients supporting them, there are no more and nor can they manage to servive for any period of time. In the world os business, its very important for any person or entity to know who their customers are and their requirements since that is one way which can help in bridging the gap and misunderstandings which occur at one time or the other.

From time to time, Uganda telecom customers including myself have ended waking up only to find that a certain service have been changed prior to any one being notified yet at the same time, these people can manage to send fake and unwanted text messages to subscribers like promotions, paid ads and many others and fail to notify subscribers of changes which directly affect them.

I have been a Uganda telecom subscriber for so many years since they came into business but the way the do things sucks.

Recently, these guys increased the cost of Kwik Talk service from Ugshs 250 to 500 without any prior notice.

Some time back, the share Credit (airtime) service turned into a paid one and none of us was notified.

They changed the cost of 50 internet MB daily from Ugshs 500 to 600 without notice.

They changed the Kwik Talk activation menu formely *250# to *164# without any announcement.

And many more changes which happened. What pisses more is the fact that when you call the customer service and inquire, the attendant will simply tell you “that is it, we changed”.

Its very important for businesses to know who their customers are and to always handle them with care otherwise, such behaviors can impact you in the longrun.

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UTL aka UgandaTelcom, its high time to style up. Bravo to providers like MTN, Airtel and others who know how it works.

This post was sent in by an anon guest writer based in UG256.

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  1. David says:

    I have ever experienced the same with those guys and I decided to just quit.

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