Ugandans Go Votability Ahead Of 2016 General Elections – What Does It Mean?

Ugandans go voterability As Ugandans prepare for the 2016 general elections, this time round the Electoral commission brought in something new – one which is known as the Voterability. Yes, when you watch, read and or listen to the different news and media channels including local television/radio stations and newspapers, the one thing you will see or hear is Voterability.

Yes, you and them have heard it but what exactly is Voterability and how is it related to the coming general presidential and members of Parliament elections which are scheduled come 2016 in Uganda? In brief, this is all about checking and confirming whether one is eligible to vote or not.

The whole Voter-ability process involves cross checking ones voter registration details and confirming whether one is registered and in the register as per his or her preferred polling station or not. In this process, one can be able to validate the existing information with a new one if any, transfer to a new or another polling station, check the match of ones names and do more as required by the laws of Uganda.

The process which kicked back some weeks ago seem to have attracted to a good number of Ugandans check their Voter-ability, for those who want to vote (by the way, the law requires all eligible persons to register and vote). When you visit the different centers where the process is taking place, you will be amazed by the number of people in the queue.

Yes, this clearly shows that without voting, citizens will never achieve their expectations and which is why many are registering while others confirming their information. Voter-ability is held on the designated centers in the different sub-counties and parishes where anyone can move in, request for the register and confirm or register.

The different thing in the coming 2016 elections when compared to the past ones is the time frame of the registration exercise. Previously, the time would be much when compared to what has been allocated this time. And additionally, the exercise looks to have been partially merged with the National Identity Card Registration which is too ongoing.

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This has let many not knowing what exactly they are registering for since many seem to take either as the other for example the voters registration as the National Identity card registration and vice versa.

Your vote is your say. Its important for all nationals to register and vote since that’s the only way one can get the people of choice in the different positions whether the President, the Members of Parliament (MP’s) and other leaders.

Here is the question? Have you confirmed your Voter-ability? If yes, its good and if no, then better do it today!

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