Under $5 Best Android Smartwatches 2019

Best smartwatches under $5 2019Looking for a cheap Android smartwatch without overspending? Look no further. We have listed the best android smartwatches you can currently purchase for under $5. If you  are on a budget for you new smartwatch, this page has everything you need!

These cheap smartwatches are compatible with android and with iOS operating systems. They have the option to synchronize wirelessly with your devices which allows you not only to upload but also to track fitness metrics via supported companion apps in addition to many other tasks. Here is a list of the under $5 best android smartwatches for women 2019.

#1 Hattfart Bluetooth Smartwatch Touchscreen

Hattfart Bluetooth Smartwatch Touchscreen with Camera, Smart Watch for Android iOS, Waterproof Smart Wrist WatchWhy on this list? The Hattfart bluetooth touchscreen is multi supportive. It works with camera, smart watches for android, iOS and is a waterproof smart wrist watch. It has a pedometer which allows you to set your health goal and view your daily activities, check and analyze data anytime, a remote camera within 10m, a reminder for phone calls, message, twitter facebook, whatsApp, skype and etc….

Get the Hattfart bluetooth smartwatch touchscreen for $0.29 (Originally $) now! Please note that prices are quoted at publication time.

#2 Harpi 2018 New T8 BT3.0 Smart Watch

Harpi 2018 New T8 BT3.0 Smart Watch, Support SIM and TFcard Camera Fit Android iOSWhy on this list? The Harpi 2018 New T8 BT3.0 is phone watch with internal SIM card slot which support 2G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz) to make and answer phone calls. It also has the heart rate monitoring function and many other functions, such as sport monitoring (pedometer, distance, calories), sleeping monitoring, BT music, Alarm, Recorder, SOS, GPS, SMS notification also with Built-in camera, etc….

Get the Harpi 2018 New T8 BT3.0 for $1.98 (Originally $) now! Please note that prices are quoted at publication time.

#3 Harpi BT 4.1 Smart Watch QW18

Harpi Bluetooth 4.1 Smart Watch QW18 Smartwatch Sports Fitness Heart Rate Tracker Blood Pressure Smartwrists for iOS Android Phone (Black)Why on this list? The Harpi BT 4.1 Smart Watch QW18 is a multi-functional fitness tracker which allows you track your steps, distance, calories burnt, sleep quality and heart rate all day. It vibrates in specific time to avoid harmful effect of sedentary, then reminds you to take some exercise. It can also remind you when there’s phone call and new message by vibrating, has a 24 hour real-time monitoring and etc….

Get the Harpi BT 4.1 Smart Watch QW18 for $2.89 (Originally $) now! Please note that prices are quoted at publication time.

#4 Smart Watch Phone for Women Men

Smart Watch Phone for Women Men, Full Round Screen SIM for Android/iOS [Wrist Watch ] Bracelet -Sport Watches with Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/Sleep.Why on this list? The Smart Watch Phone for Women Men is a has a phone function supporting GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad-band calling, phone book, hands-free bluetooth phone call, local SMS, phone SMS, BT synchronization (Only for Android), sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, remote photos, alarm clock, calendar, notification remind, time synchronization, entertainment i.e MP3, MP4 local playback, Bluetooth music player, etc….

Get the Smart Watch Phone for Women Men for $3.49 (Originally $) now! Prices are quoted at publication time.

#5 Huangou Bluetooth Smart Watch

Huangou Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Sleep Tracker Phone Mate Full Round Screen SIM for Android for iOS (Blue)

Why on this list? The Huangou Bluetooth Smart Watch is has a sedentary remind, Sleep monitoring, Remote photos, Alarm clock, calendar, notification remind, time synchronization, watch apple band 38mm 42mm repair kit, is compatible with apple, android, samsung, lg, huawei, etc….

Get the Huangou Bluetooth Smart Watch for $3.64 (Originally $) now! Prices are quoted at publication time.

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