United Republic of Tanzania: Volunteer – Project Manager

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Organization: Islamic Help
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Closing date: 15 Sep 2015

ABOUT ISLAMIC HELP:Islamic Help (established 2003) is a UK-based relief and development organisation, working in Asia, Africa and Europe, fighting against poverty, social injustice and natural disasters. The main thematic areas of Islamic Help’s work are: emergency relief, health, orphan care, water and sanitation, disaster risk reduction and income-generating projects. Currently, Islamic Help has projects in 20 countries worldwide, Tanzania being one of them.

Islamic Help has been working in Tanzania since 2009, thriving for sustainable community development by implementing projects covering orphan care and sponsorship, water and sanitation, environmental sustainability, livelihood and economic empowerment, education, food security and gender equality.

Since 2012, Islamic Help has been managing development projects in Pangani in the areas of water and sanitation, livelihoods, orphan care and gender empowerment. This up-coming project, ’Enhancing the livelihoods of 600 rural women in Pangani’, is the third women’s empowerment project that Islamic Help implements in Pangani.

PROJECT SUMMARY:This project is a women’s empowerment and livelihood project, which will enhance the socio-economic empowerment of 600 women in ten villages in Pangani, through training and provision of livestock (goats and cows), beehives and solar power. As a result of this project, 600 women will be socio-economically empowered and women's equal participation in decision-making in their families and communities is nurtured. The project has funding for 10 months at the moment.

JOB SUMMARY: The Project Manager manages all aspects of the implementation of the ’Enhancing the livelihoods of 600 rural women in Pangani’ –project in the district of Pangani. This includes results-based planning and management of project activities, including financial and administrative responsibility of the project, and continuous training, supervision and evaluation of the program and financial staff. The program manager is also responsible for acting as a representative of Islamic Help and the project, donor communication, report and proposal writing and carrying out all the monitoring and evaluation work of the project.


1.Supervise and lead the development of project work plans, budget plans, procurement plans and operational plans with the related detailed budget allocations for project implementation

2.Manage the project resources and administration to ensure proper accountability for and utilization of allocated funds

3.Develop results-based annual, quarterly and weekly project work plans (with objectives, impacts, indicators, inputs, outputs and results) together with corresponding budgets

4.Track, coordinate and review development tools in a results-based manner

5.Oversee the proper and timely implementation of all project activities in consultation with Islamic Help country office in Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam), district and village authorities, donor(s), technical staff and other stakeholders

6.Act as a representative of Islamic Help and the project, including building and strengthening partnership with local and national authorities and communities

7.Work closely with governmental and local partners to ensure ownership and sustainable delivery of projects’ results

8.Prepare and submit weekly, monthly, quarterly, mid-term and final reports

9.Lead and supervise the development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks and other activities related to the implementation and sustainability of the project

10.Continuously monitor the implementation of project activities and budget expenditures and ensure that projects implementation is in line with results-based work plans and related time frames

11.Ensure continuous, evidence-based data collection and preparation of results-based and narrative reports on projects’ progress

12.Oversee project’s review and ensure Islamic Help visibility across the project implementation in accordance with Islamic Help and donor rules and regulations

13.Ensure that close cooperation and coordination is maintained with project partners and existing and future consultative actors for sustainable project implementation

14.Ensure regular briefings and updates of the project progress for Islamic Help country office and the donor(s), and other relevant actors

15.Responsible for fundraising and social media relating to the project

16.Responsible for logistics, procurements and construction processes of the project

17.Responsible for supervising office maintenance


1.Analyse and research information on relevant donors, formulate funding proposals and prepare substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation with new donors/partners and identify opportunities for further funding

2.Liaise with consultants/donors and raise and maintain interest in the areas of women’s empowerment and rights relevant to the project context, including further opportunities

3.Support resource mobilization efforts for ensuring the sustainability of the existing project and future funding for new ones

4.Ensure wide strategic communication of the project’s findings, good practices and lessons learned to Islamic Help country office, donor(s) and local authorities

5.Ensure linkages are established and maintained with other relevant programmes and projects in the district/region


1.Supervise personnel (Project Officer, Project Assistant and Finance Officer) assigned to the project

2.Responsible for training the personnel assigned to the project , knowledge management and information sharing

3.Hold regular staff meetings, supervise writing of meeting agendas and follow them up

4.Support staff’s weekly planning of the work and regularly follow up on developments and challenges with personal objectives

5.Provide constructive feedback of each staff member’s professional progress on regular basis

6.Responsible for recruiting new staff

7.Act as a constructive role model for time management and staff’s skills development

8.Promote and create good team spirit and environment of creativity and innovation as well as effective communication

9.Handle conflicts in a constructive manner


1.Integrity: Demonstrate consistency in upholding and promoting the values of Islamic Help’s and its projects in all actions and decisions

2.Professionalism: Demonstrate professional competence and expertise in the different areas of the project work (development/gender/livelihoods etc.)

3.Cultural sensitivity: Demonstrate appreciation to different values and cultures at the work place

4.Diplomacy and self-management: Stay positive and neutral even in difficult moments, handle tense situations with diplomacy and openness

5.Transparency: Ensure fair and transparent decision making and communication processes

6.Dedication: Demonstrate dedication and passion to the field of work


ESSENTIAL:1.Bachelor (preferably Master’s degree/finishing Master’s degree) in International Development/Relations, Gender, Human Rights or in other related Social Sciences

2.Experience of working in NGO (*including internships, volunteering etc. Experience does NOT have to be professional*)

3.Experience in project development and coordination, including budget management

4.Experience in results-based monitoring and evaluation work (by using objectives, impacts, indicators, inputs, outputs and results)

5.Experience of managing and supervising number of staff members

6.Experience of conducting and supervising field activities in a development context

7.Experience of collecting data and conducting research in a development context

8.Good communication and interpersonal skills

9.Good report and proposal writing skills

10.Good knowledge of ICT, photographic and social media

11.Good organisational and time management skills

12.Good presentation, speaking and listening skills

13.Fluent in written and spoken English (*highly essential*)

14.Ability to meet tight deadlines and handle stress

15.Ability to work extra hours and during evenings and weekends when needed

16.Holder of a valid driving license and willing to drive in Tanzania

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17.Willing to stay in a remote area of Pangani, in a modest accommodation, without modern utilities or entertainment


18.Ability to speak and write multiple languages

19.Understanding about livestock, beekeeping and solar power


20.300 USD monthly allowance or equivalent amount in TZS (Tanzanian shillings)

20.Simple single room accommodation in Pangani with food allowance.

21.Reimbursement of any official assignment/tasks/travel given by supervisor

22.Return ticket (after a year)

23.Minimum two years of commitment

24.Flexible holidays schedule

25.Laundry and transport

How to apply:


Send your CV and 1 page cover letter outlining how you meet the required skills and experience for this role (do not include certificates) to: [email protected]

(Amjad Khan / Head of Programme / Islamic Help Country Office Tanzania

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