United States of America: Operations Intern

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Organization: Tiyatien Health
Country: United States of America
Closing date: 30 Oct 2015


Founded by survivors of Liberia’s civil war, Last Mile Health (LMH) is committed to saving lives in the world’s most remote villages. Working in remote jungle communities cut off from even basic life-saving health services, LMH is building a health system that reaches everyone—by bringing health care to villagers’ doorsteps. LMH trains community members to be health practitioners for their villages and connects them with rural health clinics to offer every person access to the care they deserve. These Frontline Health Workers are able to prevent, diagnose, and treat the top ten most life-threatening health conditions.

General Position Summary:

Working Hours: 15-25 hours/week

The Operations Intern will assist Last Mile Health during a critical time in its expansion. She/he will assist in the timely execution of supply-chain activities, such as procurement and shipping, while also helping Last Mile Health with office administration. As Operations Intern, you must take initiative, investigate situations, creatively solve problems, pay close attention to detail, master computer work, and drive projects forward. Importantly, you must also accept, follow, and promote Last Mile Health’s Culture Code:

  1. We put our patients first.
  2. We do things differently and embrace the challenge.
  3. We make bold commitments that inspire innovation.
  4. We dig data.
  5. We obsess about exceptional work.
  6. We are all teachers and learners.
  7. We embrace feedback and practice humility.
  8. We are all stewards of our reputation and resources.
  9. We work together.
  10. We’re here to make the impossible possible for ALL.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Liaise with your supervisor and other business units to determine purchasing needs and specifications
  2. Conduct cost/quality comparisons as well as market analyses; advise Supply Chain Team based on your findings
  3. Coordinate with Finance Team for the payment of supplies and services to assure prompt and accurate payment to vendors
  4. Constantly find ways to improve LMH operations with your focus on efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility, and reliability.
  5. Copy, file, and upload documents for both reporting and audit purposes
  6. Perform related work as required by your supervisor
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How to apply:

Please submit your application on our online portal at www.lastmilehealth.org/careers

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