How To Unlock The ZTE G-S213 [Warid Daboline]

Unlock ZTE The other day, I really faced a hard situation when it came to unlocking the ZTE G-S213, which many people refer to as the Warid Daboline. But thanks to the way I do things, I ended up having it unlocked the single provider it had been locked. Yes, I was able to insert it my other line and by myself, using the same procedure I am sharing with you right here and right now.

If you own one of this ZTE G-S213, or any other ZTE mobile feature phone, and you have been wondering how you can go about having it unlocked, then reading this post will help you find out how to do it, what to do and all other answers you should be having in your mind. Simple, all you want to do is simple, to follow the guidelines below and at the end of it all, you will be done.

How to unlock any ZTE mobile feature phone

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1. Start by visiting
2. Now turn off your ZTE mobile phone and open the back cover.
3. Remove the battery, copy its IMEI number and paste it into the ZTE unlock code calculator box.
4. Hit calculate and wait for page to load. You will get your NCK/NP Code and SPCK/SP Code.

Now that you are having the two codes above, put back the battery in your phone and power it on without any SIM card. Now dial *983*8284# and you will see a enter password prompt. Now key in the NCK/NP Code you generated and press OK. Your ZTE device is network unlocked and you will be ready to use it across all networks. The next time you think about using any other GSM line in your ZTE device which is network locked, just make use of this same post and you will solve it all.

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