UPDATED: Number Of Coronavirus Cases In Uganda Today

Confirmed coronavirus cases uganda

Update: Confirmed: 457 Recovered: 72 Deaths: 00 As of 31st May, 2020

Kampala – By Monday Night (23rd March), the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Uganda stood at 9, with eight new cases annouced in one day, according to the health Minister. Minister Aceng said, many of those who have been comfirmed had travelled back to Uganda from Dubia in a period of two weeks time back.

This means that for those who travelled back to Uganda from UAE in the same period, they stand chances of having contracted this unless they are tested and proven not to have the virus.

All the eight cases are Ugandan nationals who travelled back from Dubai, United Arab Emirates; two on March 20 and six on March 22 aboard the Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines flights,” Aceng said.

The ministry has therefore urgued any of those who travelled back to Uganda in that above period to hand themselves over to health ministry so they can be tested. This includes there close relatives with whom they have been staying with since their return.

Testing means diagnosing whether one has any signs of the killer virus, something which can put one life at risk if confirmed to be present.

We are calling upon all those who travelled to Dubai recently to come up or call us for a medical check-up,” the minister added.

To date, a total of 2,661 travelers, including Ugandans identified as potential risk have been either under self-quarantine or institutional quarantine. Of these, 1,356 are under follow up; 774 of these are under institutional quarantine while 582 are under self-quarantine,” the minister said.

Protecting yourself against the virus

Several measures have been recommended for use by all people as a way to safegurad ourselves against the killer Covid 19. Some of them include;

  • Avoiding direct body contacts
  • Keeping in isolation incase you experience signs of the virus
  • washing hands using hand sanitizers, soap and water
  • Wearing mouth and nose masks
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Since life is irreplaceable, I personally urge you all to follow the set guidelines in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the killer. Refer to Who website for more on the same.

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