How To Upgrade/Downgrade PHP Version For WordPress In Ezoic Hosting

Upgrading the PHP version of your WordPress not only improves overall website performance but also helps to keep your site secure from unwanted intrusions including hacks. If you are on the free WordPress hosting by Ezoic, this tutorial will help you learn how to upgrade, or download the PHP version instantly without cPanel.

Ezoic is one of the best free WordPress hosting service providers that guarantee up to 99% uptime. Ezoic’s free WordPress hosting comes will unlimited resources and a handful of features including PHP version upgrades, humix video, converting article text into video, etc within a few clicks. Additionally, your Ezoic-hosted websites enjoy fast speeds when compared with sites hosted somewhere else as a result of their technology.

How to Upgrade PHP Version from 7.4 to 8 for WordPress Ezoic Hosting

  • Login to “Ezoic Publisher Dashboard”
  • Select the “Website” whose PHP you want to upgrade
  • Click “Settings”
  • Scroll to “WordPress Hosting”
  • Click “Content Settings”
  • Click “Edit” under “PHP version”
  • Select “PHP Version” of choice eg 8 from 7.4
  • Click “Save PHP Version”

Wait for the process to complete. You would have successfully upgraded your WordPress website PHP version without cPanel. You can refresh your website, log in again, and enjoy the associated benefits that come with the “latest PHP version”.

To downgrade your WordPress PHP version, follow the same instructions for the upgrade above and select a lower version. Save settings and you will be done. You will also be required to log in again to your website.

Why Upgrade the WordPress PHP Version?

  • Improved speed
  • Latest security features
  • Performance increase
  • Improve search ranking
  • Retain visitors

There are several benefits associated with upgrading to the latest PHP version of your WordPress website for as long as it is compatible. Right from securing your website from hackers and exploiters, to search engine ranking, you are ready once you upgrade PHP 7.4 to 8.

Why Downgrade From PHP 8 to 7.4?

As it is for upgrading the PHP version, several reasons can call for one to downgrade PHP from 8 to 7.4 versions, or even lower. Depending on your web hosting provider, they may not yet support the latest PHP version thus forcing an upgrade may end up breaking your WordPress or even interfering with the functionality of some plugins.

That is why it is recommended to seek guidance from your Web hosting provider to see if they are already supporting the latest PHP version or not yet before you think of upgrading to the newest. You can also use a PHP 8 compatibility checker to confirm the support of your site.

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