URA 9th Open Minds Forum 5th May, Kampala Serena Hotel

URA Open Minds Forum Uganda Revenue Authority is back this year 2016 again with another public discussion, with the aim of letting the public aware of those key national issues. Named, the Open Minds Forum, this tax payer public discussion is to take place on the 5th May 2016, and will be held at Kampala Serena Hotel; Victoria Hall from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon under the focused theme “The Informal Sector; An Invisible Force with Visible Impact”.

As always, this URA Open Minds Forum tax payer public discussion is free to enter, and will help in the creation of strategic partnerships with various business communities. This URA 9th Open Minds Forum will feature a Guest Speaker and Panellists who will share from experience opportunities and threats in the engagement of Formal or Informal businesses as listed below.

Guest Speaker:
Mr. Rugasira Andrew – CEO & Owner; Good African Coffee Ltd

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Mr. Badagawa Gideon -Executive Director; Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)
Mr. Kazire Edward -CEO & Owner; Kazire Health Products
Mr. Kayondo Evaristo -Chairman; Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA)
Ms. Akol Doris -Commissioner General; Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

As you may have seen in your invitation emails, URA is offering you an “opportunity to attend and participate in the discussion as we share pertinent issues regarding the building of our economy and nation. We look forward to fruitful discussions and experiences from your attendance as we develop Uganda together”. For reservations, you can contact Bukirwa M. Dorothy (Miss) 0717-812459 or Male Charles (Mr) 0717-440488.

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