URA MTN Mobile Money Taxes / Fees Payment With & Without PRN [Payment Registration Number]

URA MTN Mobile Money Payment Find out how to make your Uganda revenue authority payments for taxes, assessments and other fees using MTN mobile money with or without having a payment registration number or PRN. Now that you read my other post about how to initiate the process, lets head directly to how you can go about the two above – payment with or without PRN.

How to make a URA Payment on MTN Mobile money without a payment registration number (PRN)

From the very first steps shown in this post, after seeing the taxes and fees payment welcome message on your mobile phone screen, follow the below prompts to complete your payment.

1. Chose what you are paying for from by entering the corresponding number and hitting Send eg, Police penalty ticket payment as an example with 1 as our number to chose.
2. You will be required to enter your offense code, the reference number, the motor vehicle number plate and all others as required until the last step where you need to conform your payment with your MTN mobile money PIN number . Every selection should be followed by send key.

How to make a URA Payment on MTN Mobile money with a payment registration number (PRN)

1. Start by visiting the URA web portal and follow as in 2 below.
2. Go to Navigate to eServices, register payment. payment type and chose what you are paying for and fill in all required information including names and others
3. Under bank details, select Mobile Payment from the drop down list and get a PRN number.
Now from this step, select with PRN, enter your payment registration number and follow prompts.

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Shortly, your payment will be ready with URA and everything will be done. I am sure you can see how easy and simple it is to make a payment and or query your PRN status.

How to Query / Check status of your URA Payment PRN using your phone

In order to query your PRN status, follow in linked post, select check status, enter number and wait for confirmation.

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