URA Uganda requirements for Re-registration of motor vehicles

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by KWS Adams
URA motor vehicle

In this article, I share with you the list of requirements for the URA motor vehicle re-registration process in Uganda. If you are already familiar with the entire process as we seen in this post, but simply lacking know how of what you are supposed to present depending on the exact purpose of re-registration, then this guide is what you must read.

Briefly, situations which may call for a motor vehicle re-registration in Uganda as outlined by Uganda Revenue Authority may include but not limited to “changing from old number plates to new number plates, duty free to ordinary number plates, personalized to ordinary number plates or ordinary plates to personalized plates and vice versa”.

Therefore, for any of the above you are interested to perform your motor vehicle re-registration in Uganda through URA, the following below requirements must be fulfilled or provided and they included;

  1. Application forms generated from the TIN Number and duly signed for individuals and stamped in case of companies or organizations.
  2. Motor vehicle original registration logbook.
  3. Motor vehicle original registration number plates.
  4. Photocopy of original identification of the applicant eg National ID, Driving Permit.
  5. Vehicle Inspection/verification report.
  6. Certificate of incorporation and a covering letter in case of non-individual.
  7. TCC or proof of Advance Tax payment in case of PSV/commercial vehicle.

Please note that all of the above must be provided at the time of submitting your re-registration application at any of the URA branch offices as chosen during application generation.

URA Uganda requirements for Re-registration of motor vehicles

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