USB Device Added Has Malfunctioned – How Do You Get Past This?

I recently bought a USB male to female device to help me use the non USB keyboards on my computer simply because that is what I liked and from eBay is where I got the USB device.

On its description, the seller mentioned how the device was ready to work with all operating systems and on all computers whether old model types or new ones and as I use a Compaq, I thought it would help me out.

Sadly, the device returns an error notification “usb device added has malfunctioned” every time I try it out and am really wondering what I can do to have this problem solved. The old one am having is over malfunctioning and I really need the new one to work for me.

I contacted the seller and he simply advised me to change the computer yet the one am using is where I wasn’t to use the device. Any solution to this?

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