How To Use Paypal For Amazon Purchases

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Use Paypal For Amazon

Following the instructions in this article will help you learn how to use PayPal as your payment option when purchasing products on Amazon. No matter what you are buying, you are able to make a direct payment thus enjoying the associated benefits.

Amazon is one of the most well-known e-commerce websites with a variety of products including services where anyone is able to go and make a purchase. On the other hand, PayPal is currently one of the most widely used online payment systems allowing people to receive and send payments in addition to paying for goods and services where PayPal is accepted.

Add paypal payment on amazon

While Amazon doesn’t have PayPal as a payment option, they let you choose other options including credit and debit cards as a payment option during checkout. This means that if you have a PayPal account, you can use the new PayPal virtual card, PayPal Cash Card, PayPal Key, or even Business Debit MasterCard to complete your purchase.

How to Add PayPal on Amazon

Add PayPal on Amazon
  • Visit “”
  • Log in to your “Account”
  • Click “Account and List” under account and lists
  • Click “Your Payments”
  • Click “Add Payment Method”
  • Click “Add Credit or Debit card”
  • Enter “PayPal Card Number, Card Name, and Expiration date”
  • Click “Add your card”

By clicking “add your card”, you will be adding your “new PayPal virtual card, the PayPal Cash Card, PayPal Key, or the Business Debit MasterCard” and once accepted, you will be able to complete Amazon purchase payments directly from your “PayPal” balance since your card is directly linked to your account.

Use Paypal On Amazon

Can You Use Paypal On Amazon?

Yes, you can use PayPal on amazon if you successfully link your PayPal card details to your Amazon payment settings. This will allow you to use the balance on PayPal to complete transactions on the Amazon website thus allowing you to order anything of choice from the largest e-commerce website.

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How To Use Paypal For Amazon Purchases

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