How to do vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda (when owner is untraceable)

URA motor vehicle Motor vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda occurs when the person or company in the registration logbook is untraceable, missing or refuses to transfer the said vehicle into the names of the current unregistered owner. Such situations come in for example in cases where the registered owner died before making the transfer, the business or company ceased to operate and many others.

In this article, I share with you how to go about the entire process of performing a motor vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda. This guide covers everything right from the first to the last step including what you need, how to go about them, where to get them and much more for as long as its part of the process.

Requirements for processing a vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda

  • Original vehicle registration logbook. A details search and certification report, police report and news advert in case it is lost.
  • A local newspaper advert calling for transfer of the said vehicle.
  • Motor vehicle transfer forms obtained from URA domestic taxes
  • Court order / affidavit. Read how to process a court order and an affidavit here.
  • Paid stamp duty with certificate attached.
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Valid identification of the new owner
  • Payment of transfer fees and duplicate logbook in case of lost

How to perform a motor vehicle transfer procedures in Uganda

  1. If the vehicle logbook is lost, begin by filing a report at the nearest police station.
  2. Perform a search and certification of the vehicle details with URA.
  3. Place a call for transfer advertisement in the local newspapers and wait for 14 days.
  4. Get the transfer forms, sign on them and attach your identity card copy.
  5. Visit Nakawa court and process your court order and affidavit
  6. Pay stamp duty for the court order / affidavit
  7. Take your motor vehicle for inspection
  8. In person, take all of the above details to Licensing Nakawa.
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You will be seen and requested to sign by the licensing officer (personal identification). You will too be given assessment for transfer, inspection and duplicate logbook in case it was lost.. You are supposed to pay all monies to the selected bank and attach receipts or PRN to the application forms and submit.

Upon submission, you will be told when to check on with URA office since as the process requires validation and verification of the submitted documents for example the court order and affidavit. Upon successful verification, you will be told to capture the details you have in your TIN number and the car will be transferred to you within a few days.

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