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How To Register Driving Permit Test Fees Payment PRN On URA Website

Something did change on the URA website when registering driving permit test fees payment registration. The new change means that those who follow the previous path when generating the above payment PRN via NTR type will no longer be able to do so. If you’ve been wondering where the “register payment for driving permit test […]

How to Cancel URA Motor Vehicle Transfer Application

You can cancel a motor vehicle transfer application in Uganda by notifying URA in writing. Depending on the reason as to why you decide to cancel the vehicle change of ownership application, and the urgency needed to have this done, URA allows you to do that using either of the available ways, a process determined […]

Guide To Quick Car Loan Without Security in Uganda

With many car financing companies in Uganda ready to help out, anyone can turn that dream of owning and driving his own car possible. This is due to the fact that one only is required to provide a few requirements in order to obtain a dream car, and which excludes the need for collateral or […]

How to Find Vehicle Year of Manufacture from Chassis Number

The year of manufacture matters much when it comes to vehicle purchases. Many buyers prefer buying cars whose date of manufacture falls in their preferences since this saves one in many ways. For example, the current vehicle import laws of Uganda limit the importation of second-hand (used) cars to years above 2006. If you were […]

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