Driving Licenses

How To Revive A Cancelled Driving Permit In Uganda

Previously, grace period after expiry of driving permit in Uganda was set at 2 years. This meant that immediately after those two years, one will lose all driving experience including all classes, and having to begin completely fresh in order to get back on the road. If you are reading this, I am sure you […]

How To Get A Global Drivers License/Permit Online

Also known as an International Driving Permit, a Universal Drivers License, and others, it is possible to get an IDP Online regardless of which country and where you are from and for what purpose. Whether you are planning to travel to another country for a holiday, just got or planning to get a Job oversees […]

How To Apply/Get A New Driving Permit/License With URA

Looking on how to apply for a new Driving Permit In Uganda? You have been driving illegally for all the past time not so? Or you were conned during the lat time you tried to get a drivers license and now you have realized how you have a fake one? Or you are new in […]

How To Check If A Driving Licence Is Original Or Fake In Uganda

A driving licence is mandatory for any one who wishes to drive on public roads. Right from motorcycles and scooters to motor vehicles, having such a document gurantees your worthness on the road when it comes to abiding by the traffic laws, rules and regulations. If you’ve been wondering how to check if a driving […]

How To Obtain A MOWT Driver’s License Certification Letter In Uganda

A MOWT driving permit cerfication letter is mandatory for anyone who wish to obtain a drivers license oversees without going through the beginer tests and etc, like it is for those who never sat on behind the steering wheel before. In Uganda, the Ministry of Works and Transport is the official government agency which handles […]

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