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  • URA Driving Permit

    How To Revive A Cancelled Driving Permit In Uganda

    Previously, grace period after expiry of driving permit in Uganda was set at 2 years. This meant that immediately after those two years, one will lose all driving experience including all classes, and having to begin completely fresh in order to get back on the road. If you are reading this, I am sure you […] More

  • how much is drivers license in nigeria 2020

    Driving License in Nigeria! How To Obtain A New, Renew, Re-issue & Associated Costs

    Unlike in other countries where the procedures and requirements for obtaining a driving license involve lots of hassles, for Nigeria, everything seems different. This article is a 2020 updated step by step guide on how to obtain a new driving license in Nigeria, renewing, re-issuing and the costs associated. Guide to drivers license in Nigeria […] More

  • types of driving licence in india

    Detailed Guide On How To Obtain A Driving License In India

    The procedure for obtaining driving license could be, as any other procedure for obtaining a government document, might seem cumbersome. Nonetheless, having an idea on how it works makes the application process way more convenient and easy. This article is a guide on how to obtain a driving license in India. Detailed guide on how […] More

  • in

    Testing for Full driving permit with IOV in Uganda

    Once you have successfully obtained your motor vehicle or tractor or motor cycle or pedestrian controlled vehicles learners driving permit from Face technologies in Kyambogo, the next step which everyone should and must do is to go for testing. This testing procedure for obtaining a Uganda drivers license is performed by the inspectorate of vehicles […] More

  • International_driving_permit_yd0d2a

    International Driving Permit Uganda

     Let me show you how to apply for an International driving permit in Uganda easily. If you never knew, it is very possible for those in Uganda to apply and acquire IDP’s for as long as the applicant or the one who wants it has all the requirements. I tried this personally and I was […] More

  • new driving permit

    How to process Full driving permit in Uganda (1/3 years)

    Finally you have undergone the drivers test and successfully completed it and got a Certificate of Competence (CoC) issued by the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV), the next step is to process your full driving permit, and which too requires  certain requirements completed. It should be noted that during the entire exercise of obtaining the drivers […] More

  • Classes of driving permit in Uganda

    Uganda driving permit online application

    This is a tutorial on how to apply for Uganda driving permit online. Whether you want to apply for a fresh new drivers license, to renew your expired permit, to add a class aka extension, replace a lost permit or perform an exchange, this guide will take you through it all. Previously, all issues with […] More

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