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    The Best 8 Selling Cars in Kenya 2020

    When it comes to choosing the best choice among the best, Kenyan’s are well known for that. The same happens when it comes to choice made when choosing the best vehicles they drive. Just like its been happening in the past years, this year around Kenyans have decided on the best car make and models, […] More

  • Traffic police ticket

    How To Generate URA Police Fine Payment Form

    You can generate the police fine payment form by visitng the URA web portal and generating the payment registration slip which you will print and submit to any bank of choice. The entire process is very simple and only requires following a few steps in order to successfully print out the PRN. Wondering how you […] More

  • What road traffic signs mean

    Traffic Road Signs And Meanings In Uganda

    With the many different road and traffic signs in Uganda, it becomes relatively difficult for both pedestrians, passengers, drivers, riders and cyclists to know all of them. This is one of the reasons as to why many end up falling victims not by wish but rather, due to little or no knowledge about the meaning […] More

  • URA latest car number plates in Uganda

    How to Perform URA Motor Vehicle Re-registration

     This is a complete step by step guide on how to perform a Motor vehicle and cycle Re-registration in Uganda through URA. If you were wondering how you could easily get rid of that old type number plate series including the UXX 000, 999UXX or even to move to a personalized one from the ordinary […] More

  • URA motor vehicle

    How to do vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda (when owner is untraceable)

    Motor vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda occurs when the person or company in the registration logbook is untraceable, missing or refuses to transfer the said vehicle into the names of the current unregistered owner. Such situations come in for example in cases where the registered owner died before making the transfer, the business or company […] More

  • 2020 toyota camry

    2020 Toyota Camry Configurations

    No matter the 2020 Toyota Camry configuration you chose, it is very important for you to carefully chose that Trim with your desired features of choice. This will not only allow you to chose the best as per your choice but will also allow you enjoy to maximum and also have a reason as to […] More

  • Classes of driving permit in Uganda

    Uganda driving permit online application

    This is a tutorial on how to apply for Uganda driving permit online. Whether you want to apply for a fresh new drivers license, to renew your expired permit, to add a class aka extension, replace a lost permit or perform an exchange, this guide will take you through it all. Previously, all issues with […] More


    Driving permit fees in Uganda 2020 Updated (Costs)

    This post contains the price list for Uganda driving permits in 2020. Whether you want to process a new driving permit, a renewal, an extension (class addition), exchange, duplicate (lost licenses) prices (fees) paid both at the bank and at Face Technologies, this is an updated fees list varying per process one requires. Each of […] More

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