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Motor Vehicle Change Of Ownership In Zambia

An individual or non-individual is considered the rightful owner of a motor vehicle in Zambia only if the vehicle registration certificate aka the white book particulars bears the exact names of that person. Since many people tend to buy vehicles from others, performing a change of ownership aka motor transfer is a step required in […]

How To Revive A Cancelled Driving Permit In Uganda

Previously, grace period after expiry of driving permit in Uganda was set at 2 years. This meant that immediately after those two years, one will lose all driving experience including all classes, and having to begin completely fresh in order to get back on the road. If you are reading this, I am sure you […]

MOWT Announces Two Names On Car Registration In Uganda

Very soon, it will be possible to have two names on car registration in Uganda, General Katumba announces. In a media conference held at the MOWT offices in Kampala, Mr. Katumba, the Uganda minister of works and transports announced the new motor vehicle registration changes in Uganda as an ammendment to the act. One of […]

[HOT] Buy Used Toyota Hilux Double Cabin For Sale In Uganda

If you are looking for a used toyota hilux motor vehicle to buy in Uganda, your search ends here. Whether you are searching for double cabin or pickup body type description, we have got you covered. With the very many Ugandan road used motor vehicles, sometimes it becomes difficult for buyers to find a road […]

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