MOWT Announces Two Names On Car Registration In Uganda

Very soon, it will be possible to have two names on car registration in Uganda, General Katumba announces. In a media conference held at the MOWT offices in Kampala, Mr. Katumba, the Uganda minister of works and transports announced the new motor vehicle registration changes in Uganda as an ammendment to the act. One of […]

The Absentee Transfer Process In Uganda (Vehicle, M/Cycle..)

The absentee transfer is the process where court gives URA full authority to change motor vehicle names into current owner without conscent of the previous owner. In Uganda, the previous motor owner is one whose particulars are shown in the logbook thus indicating that without their approval, such performing a transfer becomes impossible. In situations […]

How To Validate A Vehicle In Your URA Account

Are you looking forward to validate / add your vehicle details in your URA account? The Motor Vehicle validating process is a Uganda Revenue Authority required process where by owners are requested to validate their motor particulars in their accounts as a way of easing everything else with regard for example when it comes to […]

How To Do A Vehicle Transfer Of Ownership In Uganda

Did you just sell off your vehicle and wondering how to transfer it to the new owner? Or you have bought that dream car or truck and in need of changing its ownership from the seller to yourself as the new buyer? How about transferring that motor vehicle you bought long ago but lost trace […]

How to Perform URA Motor Vehicle Re-registration

 This is a complete step by step guide on how to perform a Motor vehicle and cycle Re-registration in Uganda through URA. If you were wondering how you could easily get rid of that old type number plate series including the UXX 000, 999UXX or even to move to a personalized one from the ordinary […]

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