Victor Wanyama, Tottenham, Southampton, Transfer Viral

Victor-Wanyama There are times when things “go” change. And this is what is happened with Victor Wanyama, Tottenham and Southampton but how? The answer is very simple, the above have gone viral, and still a ‘trending’ search when you visit the latest trending searches on the Kenyan, and other country’s side. Oh yes, those who love their nationals, those who love soccer, the Tottenham and Southampton fans, and many others like me are the rest of this.

I never knew about Victor Wanyama’s story of having signed off a deal (oh sealed off a transfer deal) to Tottenham from Southampton Football Club not until when I got an email from one of my Kenyan friends on this. Yes, this sparked me off to open Google trends and see what is trending right now, and what was in the just past day.

And yes, Muyoyo was right I agree basing on what he wrote to me in his email. Victor Wanyama had announced his leave from Southampton Football Club not only in other media including Facebook, Twitter, Tottenham Hotspur‎, BBC sport, The Guardian, Sky Sports, Transfermarkt and others, but too this same information is available on, the official as seen below in quote..

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Dear All,
I write to you with a heavy heart to announce that I will be leaving Southampton Football Club. As you can imagine it is very emotional for me to say goodbye to the club that gave me the chance to be the first Kenyan to play in Premier League.
Firstly, I would like to thank the most important part of every club, the fans. I want to reassure you that any “quotes” you have read about in the media before my move was announced are false. I would never disrespect you by talking to the media before I have talked to you guys.It took a while for me to win you all over but I can truly say that with your support and affection I have grown as a player and a person.
You guys have always been there to lift us up when we were down, and to celebrate with us when we were playing well. I feel really proud that I got the opportunity to wear the Southampton shirt.
Secondly, football is a team sport and it wouldn’t be right not to thank my amazing teammates. Jose, thanks for leading the team and always being there to pick us up when we needed encouragement. Thanks to the rest of the team for always giving 100% effort, I will miss all of you.
I also want to thank every member of the Southampton staff: those who work behind the scenes and never get credit for their contribution to our success on the pitch. We are nothing without you.
I will never forget my time in Southampton Football Club, I will keep club forever in my heart.
Yours in Sport,
Victor Wanyama

You have seen it right? There seem to be no more official than this about Victor Wanyama, Tottenham and Southampton news. For those who are into writing like me, or those who are running sports news, you can make use of the and create a very good story. And to my Kenya friends, these are confirmed news.

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