[VIDEO] Spice Supermarket Mukono Robbery Video Goes Viral After CCTV Camera Exposes Robbers Shooting Cashier

Spice Supermarket Mukono Robbery

Armed robbers raided Spice supermarket, Mukono on Friday 24th June 2022, shot and wounded a cashier, and went away with an unknown amount of money.

This video has gone viral on social media after Supermarket CCTV cameras recorded the whole event, where armed robbers have exposed to shooting and wounding the cashier.

After, the robbers are seen going away with a bag containing an unknown amount of money and other belongings.

Watch Spice Supermarket Mukono Robbery Video

Police releases statement

The territorial Police at Mukono are investigating an incident of Aggravated Robbery where a cashier at Spice Super Market was shot and wounded by the armed thugs.The incident happened yesterday the 24th June 2022 at about 11:34 pm when three robbers armed with an AK47 attacked the super market located in Mulago cell, Ntawo Ward in Mukono Municipality

Full police statement on aggravated robbery incident in Mukono

Social media reactions

Mukono Spice supermarket robbery social media
Mukono Spice supermarket robbery social media

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