VirtaPay Goes VirtaCoin – The New Digital Currency

If you are a VirtaPay user or member, then you should be reading this. VirtaPay looks to have finalized its project now that VirtaCoin, another digital currency has been launched just like members have been long awaiting. With the use of peer-to-peer currency being on the increase on a daily basis in addition to the fact that these digital currencies are almost controlled by the users themselves, it all looks like currency digitization is the new order of the day.

Formerly, VirtaPay used to reward members on a daily basis with additional funds on their account on every log in and on every new member referral but now, those might be history after the launch of the new currency. I myself have been a Virta-Pay user ever since they launched and I had managed to accumulate some big amounts of this non used ever currency which to-date has been moved to my VirtaCoin wallet.

The new of Virta Pay going Virta Coin came like a surprise to me since what I expected to happen is not what exactly happened just like you can see the migration process here and which am sure that even other members have in their minds.

VirtaCoin will be located on ones own computer and it involves downloading some software and installing it on your computer in order to go on with the transition.

Anyways, just like many people are still trying to find out how exactly it works, I myself am still studying this new currency and how to make use of it exactly and the moment am done, I will have to share the findings with you here as usual.

Its time to try the feature which many have been waiting for although we will be missing out the sells and markets offers we have been enjoying on the old Virta Pay Virtual currency.

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