Is Virtapay To Payza Converter Free Real, Legit or Fake?

This is a review on whether Virtapay to payza converter free is legitimate and real service worthy or simply another fake scam internet offer you shouldn’t spend you time on. If you know what Payza does when it comes to making payments, buying online and etc, then of course you might be interested in getting this Free money money since VirtaPay (now Virtacoin) allowed us to earned this free money.

On the other hand, before VirtaPay changed to Virtacoin, one of the available cryptocurrency, many people made real money in dollars until when the service was ended and migration occurred. That is why when you go online, you find several VirtaPay to Virtacoin migration services and etc to an extent that now there is Virtapay To Payza Converter Free exchange with the main question being on whether this is legit or scam.

What is virtapay To payza converter free?

On the page it is listed, this is simply a software which anyone can download as long as you are sure of what you are doing. In fact, the listing page a Vstorrent files index. Here is what is shown..

File name: Virtapay to payza converter free.torrent
Hash: 8fcbc1638bbad5de2e2b5fe3f97e8883
Search more: Google, Torrentz
Language: English
Last Updated: 29/05/2017 13:56:49 PM UTC (today)

What happens when you click the download file link?

When you hit the download link, a new page is opened with a download link is opened containing options like your OS choice eg BSD, Windows, Mac or Linux with a number of weekly download numbers..

This file seems endless. I waited for it to complete but almost all of my bandwidth was accumulated. Oh no, I personally had to cancel it so that I could save data for writing this post. Now in my first trial I didn’t complete the download, I will hav to retry and complete it, run it and see what it does.

Is virtapay To payza converter free legit or fake?

I am very sure that by the time you land onto this paragraph, you have already read that I didn’t finish the download, a sign that I haven’t tested it. The problem was bandwidth and therefore, I can’t reach on a conclusion on whether virtapay To payza converter free is scam, fake or legit. All I can say to you is that wait, I will update this post shortly and share with you the findings. But if you know already, feel free to share with me your findings so you ca help others.

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