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Ever heard of the Vision Group News Store App? No worry, I have reviewed this Ugandan based newspaper app for you just to share with you what you might need to know. This review shows you how this app works, what it can do and how you can make use of it while on the go. On the same review, you will find a link to how you can download and install this application on your smartphone and PC or computer.

Vision Group Uganda is a company which not only produces the the above mentioned newspapers but also goes on to own many Television and Radio stations across Uganda, and also known for participating into many different ventures for example the Recent Pope Visit to Uganda, the “Omulimi Asinga”, and many other drives, and now has an app in Google Play store which is known as the Vision Group News Store App.

The Vision Group News Store Application is one which gives you instant access to all the latest news as they happen from the different newspapers they own including the the Newvision, Bukedde, Etop, Kampala SUN Orumuri and Rupiny. This app is available on Google play store.

Vision Group Uganda News App Reviewed

While the application is downloaded freely, the fact is that one needs to subscribe by way of paying a certain amount of money through Airtel Money and or MTN mobile money in order to access the favorite news. And of course, you will always see a link to buy assuming you haven’t yet paid for the news. This means that without paying, then one may not be able to access the news and which is not the case with when one goes to their website live.

This application has many features including Zooming, logging in and out, today news, my (your) news, checking the recent publications, top stories, cover pages, your settings and many others which all can help you enjoy the best experience when it comes to reading news.

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