Is Scam or Legit? A Review

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When visit website, you would see how it is claimed that any one has a chance of earning up to $1500 per week. And if I ask a question of who doesn’t need this kind of money? I am sure that none of you will say no right? Personally, I will be one of those who would rush so as to benefit from such an opportunity although the big question remains whether is a legitimate, scam, ripoff or a genuine site which is worth or not worth to spend your time in the name of making money.

What Is VisitRevenue?

This is a website which has *unlimited number of positions for those who want to make money online. And onsite, its mentioned that anyone from anywhere can earn up to $1200 – $1500 per week. The site claims to be an innovative task one where by members are on a sure deal to earn money. The question here is whether its possible to make money as claimed or not but you can find out more below, keep reading.

How Does It Work?

If you read my other review about, this too works the same as the former. And in case you never read the above, here is a brief of how it works here. You create an account for free, you earn $25 as a sign up bonus, you earn $10 on every referral link job and which looks to be the task you need to do in order to earn money. When you log in, you are provided with your referral link which you can promote and on any visit, you earn money.

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Getting Paid

To get access to your money, you need to accumulate a total of $300 where by you can withdraw it through the different ways including Western Union, Checks, PayPal, Money Gram, Bank Transfer and others. Getting paid is the most hard part since before you can withdraw your earnings, you are required to fill in the different surveys and to many look to be hard. And in case you fail, chances are that you will never get paid although even after toiling hard, many share not having gotten access to their funds.

Conclusion:The site never paid anyone even before it was parked. Those who wanted to withdraw their earnings would be tricked into filling a survey and which will never be successful in-terms of helping you get your money. And as of today 2016, this is clearly shown basing on the fact that the domain name is a parked one and listed on sale.

Is Scam or Legit? A Review

14 thoughts on “Is Scam or Legit? A Review

  1. It’s the best time to make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be happy.
    I have learn this put up and if I could I wish to suggest you
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  2. Come on people! Use your head and think for a minute.
    Legitimate companies will pay you money to generate
    traffic to a web site but it is only pennies per click so why
    would anyone in their right mind pay $10.00 per click?
    Well, if you never planned to pay anyone, then you can
    advertise $10.00 per click and put bold numbers in your
    account to make you think they would actually pay that
    kind of money but unfortunately never
    planned to send you any money but they will gladly take
    any kickback money from advertisers after you have filled
    out the surveys! WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T FILL OUT
    THE SERVEYS. Just chalk up any lost time with this web site
    as a lesson in life: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    There are numerous English language mistakes on their
    web site so you know for sure these scammers are not
    American, British or Aussies.

    Also, their stern warning about fake traffic is a joke!!!!
    If you are smart about it, you can send fake traffic to
    their site using your reference number without them
    ever detecting it. Come on, a fake traffic HTTP packet
    looks exactly the same as a HTTP packet generated
    by a real person. These idiot scammers are not smart
    enough to tell the difference. So by all means, blast
    their site with fake traffic and tell them you won’t stop
    until you get paid. That is the only way they are going
    to respond. Forget about sending them e-mail.

    1. Iroro, Unfortunately, nobody has ever received any money from
      and it is not likely that anyone will receive any money in the future either.

  3. wow jason it worked for you?! i’ve done surverys twice now and still nothing. i’ve emailed the support team and NO response back either and am at $845 and my first $300 was made in lieterally one hour. Im about to give it a try one more time if not I will start posting the link is bad joke and my twitter alone and 47.5k followers so hopefuly it dont come to that, but glad to know it worke3d for someone.

  4. My cousin refered me. She made $900 in a week. I got my first $300 in 7 hours. Lazy folks need not apply. Work hard and you will get paid. Its not a scam. You get up to 300 then do 3 surveys for 99 cent each and recieve ur payment by whichever way u choose. My cousin recieved hers through money gram and I used PayPal. It is legit.

    1. You are not telling the truth. Plain and simple. Nobody has been
      paid by

  5. It a scam visitrevenue is a scam they never pay just spread the new they already got money by all our referrals. No one have recieve any payment and no one will ever recieve it.

  6. Visit revenue is a complete scam you all. I’m at $400 and have done many different surveys, download different things several different times and it still say that my survey is incomplete. I have emailed them several time to come to the same thing no response. EVERYONE stay away from this site. Spread the word everywhere so people like us can stop wasting time and money promoting them

  7. High payout minimum($300).. There is NO product.. You build back-links with your referral ID attached to it and this is what you’re paid for.. You likely discovered the site using a referral link from another user.. By definition you are a spammer/solicitor.

    The economics: These systems pop up at least once every couple of weeks and go on spam campaigns to build users. They use contractors and “microworker” services at first to launch. The turn-over for links you spam is so slow and low that the figures they boast are extremely unlikely unless you have some organized leeds(like a mailing list) who do nothing but scratch each others backs by doing free tasks..

    It works the same way as MLM and pyramid schemes.. Except the domain owners and internal partners make persistent profit and all the user just make dividends based on their performance.. Which since turn-over on spammed links without a network of leeds is so low, will never cover even a small percentage of your living expenses alone..

    I’m really good at economics and I’ve seen every e-marketing and SEO model there is. It’s mostly garbage like this unless you’re the owner and put a lot of effort into your launch, and don’t mind demolishing the internet and it’s quality

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