What Are The Voting Apps That Are Right For Social Media Voting?

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Social media voting

Ever wondered why you feel so bored while creating surveys and polls on social media and more so while filling them? They are ever so boring. Most of them are so drag that we can never keep them short and to the point. That makes us look into the whole process of creating opinion polls. Over the years there have been many ways of creating them and we have used most of them for getting our job done. But it is quite tough for the general people for selecting the proper one for their work.

A large number of voting apps are prevalent each of which aims at making the task of social media voting a lot easier but not all of them fulfills their objective. That is why we have listed below a few of our own personal favorites. None of them are inch perfect but each of them possesses specific attributes which make them one of a kind and right for social media voting. These apps are pretty functional and more often than not get your job done without much hassle.

  1. Poutsch

This app is based out of New York and is actually a Belgian-French startup. The unique aspect about this app is that it can also serve as a social network. The simple and user-friendly interface allows users to ask their questions with ease which makes it pretty similar to Quora just that in Poutsch there is no best answer. Users can create a poll here easily by just following few and simple steps. They first need to open a free account and choose the type of question they would like to ask. Then all they have to do is enter the details about the question and also images related to it and just relax.

Social media voting applications

Poutsch not only provides a simple yet effective polling platform which is fully capable but also adds an interesting social element to the mix. The benefit of this is that the experience gets enhanced due to the social integrated element of the app along with the polling platform. This app also has an option where users can change their votes after they have voted once and seen the response of the others. This might seem a bit strange though as far as the conventional voting rules are concerned but the web platform containing all the vital features makes up for it. It also lacks the analytical nuances that business related and others serious polls require.

  1. Wedgies

This app is one of our firm favorites owing to its staggering simplicity. One might think that being too simple might be a negative aspect but in this case, it is exactly the opposite. Its much-cherished simplicity makes setting up an embeddable poll quite easy. These polls are tailor made for using on social platforms and even allow responses to be received via text messages. There are more than a few ways to publish your polls using this app and you can also text layouts and engage images and even throw some metrics into the mix. It provides the perfect balance of design and functionality, not to forget simplicity. Both Embeddable polls as well as text polls cost as much as $50 per month. On becoming a premium user, you can access the geography of the voters, chart the responses and involve in deeper analytics regarding the poll results.

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Some people show interest to buy online contest votes to reach number 1 position to win prizes. These two apps have strong filters to find such votes. All the agencies can’t able to provide quality votes. We give you solution for gathering votes for any polls in the below section.

  1. Ranker

A slightly different inclusion into the mix is Ranker which acts as a hub which can be browsed and can also be used to invite the users to create lists of their most and least favorite items. On top of this it does provide the basic convention of embeddable polling. Users can hence set up a list which can be used by the public to either vote on or just to view while voting. This aspect makes it stand out among the other apps listed here.

  1. Polar

One of the newer entries into the world of social voting apps is Polar and it is a bit limited in comparison to the other apps in this list. Being a new app has made this a lot better to look at than the others. It also has sharing features and social features blended into its genes. It is basically an image led voting app which helps it become much easier on our eyes. All we have to do is set our questions with the responses and adequate images to assist them.

From the recent study, vapulsemedia shared the steps to choose the right voting site to get rich in quality votes for online polls. And we have saved the best for the last below.

  1. PollDaddy

PollDaddy can be referred to as the best going by the remarks of the community director of Next Web who hailed it to be the “king of polls”. Going by its heritage it does bring in a sense of maturity in the polls but it is not devoid of shortcomings. It offers the same old conventional aspects that a polling app has to offer and nothing new on the surface. Its ability to customize the polls and embed it makes it one of the industry leaders of polling apps.

What Are The Voting Apps That Are Right For Social Media Voting?

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