How To Hide Your IP Address – Surf Anonymously On PC/Mobile

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How can I stay Anonymous while online? Is it possible for this to happen? And how do I do it – hiding my IP address while on the internet? These and many related questions are some of those which many people – internet users ask themselves from time to time.

In reality, the answer to all is that YES, it is very possible for one to stay anonymous online regardless of whatever reason one may have. Different reasons have different reasons why they would prefer to hide their IP addresses from sites they visit, and which is in many cases legal.

For as long as you are not planning to use the option in a way which isn’t allowed, you can always do it provided you follow these simple ways below. And please note, not all sites will support your anonymous mode since sometimes you may be required to confirm your location through a call and which may not be possible.

When you hide your IP address, it means that one won’t see your real and or exact location but mind you, your ISP will always know whatever you are doing. And below are the ways you can use to hide your IP addresses from others.

Opera Browser – Opera has a feature known as Turbo. And once activated, you are assigned a new IP address by Opera servers. This is what happens to all who use mobile devices since they surf using Opera IP’s. You can read more here.

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VPN’s – This stands for Virtual private networks. They are good when connecting to a secure network for example from home to office. On the interent are so many VPN providers which are free and paid. You can use them by installing a software, application, add-on or even an extension on your computer/mobile or by just creating a new connection and entering the provided details. Check out the list of VPN’s here.

Proxies – Yes, another way is through proxies. These help you hide your identity since they allow you connect through them. Many of them can provide destination ports and IP’s which one is required to enter into his or her browser settings in order to get started. Some are web based where you simply need to visit their sites, enter the URL you want to check and go. You might find this list helpful.

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How To Hide Your IP Address – Surf Anonymously On PC/Mobile

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