Webanswers & Google Adsense Members Revenue Share – What Exactly Happened 2015? So Far 2016…

Webanswers Google Adsense Revenue No Longer Webanswers is one of the Top websites which created themselves a name for being legitimate and trustable by so many people across the world due to their Good partnership which Google Adsense. And yes, for the recent years, I have personally been a member of this best Google Adsense revenue share site and things have been working and going on well not until of recent when things turned and changed without either of the members knowing what exactly happened in 2015 and what may be going on basing on the fact that the admin side haven’t explained anything even after the new year 2016 begun

To be honest, I am myself asking what exactly happened to members ads since they have continued not to display on Webanswers.com despite the two accounts linking status being active to many members with only a few having reported the tie being untied automatically without them doing so

What happened is that the site’s default Ads (which to me I hope that its those Ads served from the site own Adsense account PUB) have continued to show while members ads have not been able to show on either of the posts be the awarded answers and nor those posts members have contributed on.

A good number of days down the road (even weeks can still be counted using days don’t forget), members have continued to complain of earning those big fat ZERO’s and with no single view and nor any impression. And to be honest, this is what I seem to be going through as a member of the site ever since the problem begun in 2015, and now in 2016

Screenshot of Webanswers Adsense No Earnings Question By Members

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This has made many members wonder what happened, whether the Adsense Revenue share program was suspended or taken down or so. There are so many questions with all having no specific and or an exact answer since there has been no word from the site admin site apart from a few rumors by the site members through their different postings on the site especially in the Webanswers Question and Answer category, Webanswers Support and Webanswers Chat categories.

My Suggestion : As we wait for a word from the admin side, its better to be calm and wait. There might have been some glitch somewhere and or anything which may be being worked on. And or, there may be some changes which might be underway to be announced. All we can do is to wait and see well as this is just my own thought.

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46 Responses

  1. GloryS1 says:

    I guess I will break the vow I made in my other post and share information one final time. I can say with absolute certainty WebAnswers is not going to bounce back.

    In recent exchanges with one of the owners I was told they are not going to do anything but ‘kick the tires’ occasionally to keep the site alive. They will restart it when WA is inaccessible but are perfectly content with the AdSense ads displaying only their Publisher ID – yes, it belongs to the site.

    The ads stopped rotating PubIDs in October and nobody even knows if the problem is on the Webanswers end or on Google’s end. WA site administrators never contacted Google about the issue.

    • Lynn O. says:

      GloryS1, if the owners continue to advertise on the site that participants can earn money when they know that is not true and they (owners) are the only ones deriving benefit, that appears to be internet fraud. I know some people have already reported this issue so they may find themselves in court.

      • GloryS1 says:

        I agree with you 100%. It is fraudulent for WebAnswers to continue advertising as a revenue sharing site when there is, clearly, no sharing occurring. If the owners find themselves in court they have nobody to blame but themselves. They’ve certainly had ample opportunity since October to remedy the problem.

  2. Lynn O. says:

    If anyone has money left in their Google Adsense account but it’s below the $100 threshold, you will have to cancel your Google Adsense account in order to have the money sent to you. It will take up to 90 days. (If you have ads on a site other than Webanswers where you make money from Google ads, obviously, don’t cancel.) Wanted to share that since I sent numerous emails asking about this to Google and never got any response. Finally located the info on their site.

    If you want to wait and see if Webanswers bounces back, you may wish to temporarily place your Adsense account on hold so your ads aren’t making earnings which may be going to the wrong place.

    • GloryS1 says:

      How long will AdSense allow accounts to remain inactive (earning zero) before Google starts closing them automatically? I don’t know but I venture not indefinitely.

      It is worth noting that people who close their AdSense accounts are not prohibited from opening new ones in the future. The only stipulation is the email address must be different than the one submitted with the previous account.

      • KWS Adams says:

        As far as I know, Google does not close Adsense accounts automatically for reason of them being inactive. I have read stores where people share having had their accounts in idle mode for many years and later started earning after being back online. This means that unless otherwise, there is no need to worry about your accounts being auto closed.

        • GloryS1 says:

          I could be mistaken but I am almost positive I was told Webanswers members stopped earning after being inactive for a certain length of time because Google closed their accounts. I have no idea how long, though. I was inactive for 6 months and my account was not closed so I know it had to have been longer than that. Again, I could be mistaken. I hope I am.

    • GloryS1 says:

      I just learned if you use gmail the email address associated with your AdSense account will become inaccessible when you close it. That is certainly something to consider.

      • KWS Adams says:

        Thats obvious. If your Adsense account is associated with your Gmail ID, then it too goes when the email goes. But you can close a particular feature eg Google plus while leaving your email un-touched.

        • GloryS1 says:

          I wonder if there is a way around losing the Gmail account associated with Adsense. That is my primary account- the one everybody has from my doctor to my friends to my family. I have about $60 in my adsense account which I would love to withdraw but I just can’t lose that gmail account.

          • KWS Adams says:

            Glory, While I really wonder why you need to have your account deleted, all I can confirm to you that your email account will stay in tact for as long as you simply delete a product or service for example Adsense. And to do this, please follow the following below.

            1. Log in to your account using your account credentials.
            2. Hit https://myaccount.google.com/preferences?pli=1#deleteservices.
            3. Click on delete products and wait for page to load.
            4. Re-enter your password and select the product (Adsense).
            5. Agree to terms and follow prompts.

            • GloryS1 says:

              The link I included above says when you delete your adsense account you lose access to the Gmail account associated with it.

              • KWS Adams says:

                The link you shared says when you delete a Google account not a Google product. Adsense is a product!

                Deleting your Google Account will affect all products associated with that account (e.g., Blogger, AdSense, Gmail), and affect each product differently. You can review the data associated with your account on the Google Dashboard. If you use Gmail with your account, you’ll no longer be able to access that email. You’ll also be unable to reuse your Gmail username.

                And the link I shared has two options, delete a Google entire account or delete a product. If you chose product, you can select which one to cease using and if you chose account, then it goes all.

    • Lynn O. says:

      I cancelled my Adsense account yesterday and expected to get my refund within 90 days as their site suggests. Pleasantly surprised to see those funds in my bank this morning. That was fast.

  3. GloryS1 says:

    Thank you for fixing that error. I don’t mind taking responsibility for the things I say but I do not want to be held accountable for the words of someone else.

  4. KWS Adams says:

    You are right GloryS1. The comment above belong to Lil Ricky.

  5. GloryS1 says:

    The only one of the comments above written by me is the one beginning with, ‘I’d like to say I’m sorry …’ I am not responsible for any others.

  6. GloryS1 says:

    I’d like to say I’m sorry there are those who perceive me as bitter, inordinately negative, the self-professed WebAnswers spokesperson and site dictator but I am not. Assigning negative sentiment where none exists says more about the reader than the author. Since those inimical traits are being attributed to me, though, maybe I should just refrain from sharing information in the future.

    In the past when a subject arose I had already discussed with Sean, particularly if it was not common knowledge, I felt obligated to ensure everyone had equal access to the information. I could have just as easily used it for my own advancement at the expense of the other members. No one would have been the wiser. Assuming WA recovers, maybe I shouldn’t concern myself with the rest of the community.

    Regarding making the site the way I wanted, the only thing I ever wanted was for members to use WA as the owners intended. We had the recipe for success. WebAnswers was special. Both the site and its members benefited when people observed the fundamental guidelines established at the site’s inception. 2. Provide comprehensive, accurate answers. 2. Refrain from posting content objectionable to Google. 3. Award deserving answers. Only after people began running roughshod over WA and doing things ‘their way’, did it go into precipitous decline.

    If the aforementioned make me deserving of the labels bitter, negative, the site’s self-proclaimed spokesperson and dictator and this post means I love to hear myself talk, then I own it.

    • KWS Adams says:

      GloryS1, for as long as you did what you had to do on Webanswers as a member, you did your work. And for whatever others say with regard to whatever they refer to you as, those are things you should forget about. It’s just that things seem to be ending the way non of the members expected. But there is nothing anyone as a member can do apart from the site owners. May be we should wait and see what happens next. Thanks for the comment.

    • Lynn O. says:

      Glory, you were extremely helpful on Webanswers. There was an obvious vaccum there with absentee owners, lack of information or attempts at weeding out low quality content. Several members, including you, stepped forward to attempt to fill that vacuum and improve the quality of the site. Thank goodness people tried. You’re appreciated.

  7.  Lil Ricky says:

    LMFAO! Even on a totally random site I can’t read about WA without the ignorant gestapo from WA showing up and passing his guesses off as facts!

    Dave or SlipFallGuy, You don’t know squat about anything that has happened to WA, or you wouldn’t keep harping about some law that obviously didn’t affect WA or the AdSense ads!

    You pretend you know all these things when it is only guesses and I can prove that, you old man!

    If all AdSense ads were stopped on September 30, 2015, then why were at least two members of WA showing proof that they had earnings on October 1, 2015? One of those members had just recently returned to the site after her dad drove her away!

    PrettyEvil had nothing to gain or lose by posting a screen shot of part of one of her AdSense pages that showed she had earnings on October 1, 2015!

    Looking at things logically means your guesses hold no water, doesn’t it! But being honest and truthful doesn’t make you feel like you are better than everyone else, does it?

    LOL! You are even posting on the blog of a man you dtstd! You were the one who said Kat was a “know-nothing” from Africa, weren’t you? Yep! I do remember you saying that! I also remember you saying you had nothing to talk about with him, since he was only pretending to be from America, or Canada, or several other countries, none of which were his real homeland! But look at you now, Dave! Snuggling right up with the man, aren’t you?

    Looking at this logically, you should have noticed that ads are still being displayed, as PetCaretaker said and PrettyEvil proved several days after the date you claim was the cut-off!

    You do realize that you can still see AdSense ads being cycled through on the pages on WA when you Google the pages but don’t try to enter the site, right, Dave?

    What happened to this “law” you claim was implemented on September 30, 2015? If ads are still showing up on pages of WebAnswers.com, then something must be wrong with Google, but surely YOU aren’t wrong, SFG!

    • KWS Adams says:

      I have learnt a lesson from what you shared. I wrote this post basing on what was happening and what is still happening about the Adsense Ads on Webanswers and members not earning anything as its stated in the site how it works. But see now, I have even come to know things which I wouldn’t know… 🙂 Anyways, stick to the main post and refrain from posting the unrelated…

      Lil Ricky, you have said it all. I don’t even remember any Nick or Name above on WA. May be you were operating privately, and or, you are simply hiding in this Name from your real one. But why then?.. You have even shared what you discussed privately between you and your “friends” with the world, and now, the entire readership knows about what WA members talk about others behind doors, right? Hmm, as always, I am a free man. Not being a US born has nothing to do with my online participation. And I never knew that not being from US or Canada was a crime on Webanswers, the site I believed in and loved but thanks to you. Now that I know, may be it’s high time I consider other sites which has nothing to do with where one comes from.. Thanks for commenting..

  8. Renee says:

    Thank god, no more slipfallguy and Glorys1.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Why do you say so?

    • Lauren says:

      yeah, there were a lot of hateful people there that either loved hearing themselves talk, or had members banned cause they disagreed with their point of view. I don’t know who either of them are, but that site was completely negative and full of wrong answers and people using seniority to make the site into the way they wanted it and the owners never changed anything and left it as a wasteland. The owner of the site was more concerned with looking cool on the beach then making a real site. There was not any freedom.

      • KWS Adams says:

        How does this connect to the ads being off the Webanswers.com site then? As members, we all benefited. It wasn’t that a few did. And Adsense ads being off means no earning at all by members.

        • Lauren says:

          The site, as an entity, became very negative. It did not grow, or change. It stagnated and the few members that were good lost out. The older members used control to have others deleted and freedom of speech took a hit. Glorys1 carved out her role as the spokesperson for the owner and was one of the main negative people on there. she fulfilled the role of the controlling and bitter old lady. Her profile picture was a great representation of her ego. slipfallguy was the same thing. They made the site not fun to log onto. Me and my few friends that worked on the site figured it out ourselves. We didn’t need slipfallguy’s million word posts about what to do. It’s like one of those kids in class that works for the teacher and tells all the other people what to do. We get it, we don’t need you to put your face everywhere to be seen. The site would be better off without them cause everyone else was cool. Have a good day!

          • KWS Adams says:

            As far as I know, the two members you refer to in your post were very helpful to all members. Sfg showed how it had to work through his posts and so to GloryS1. There is nothing bad I can say that they did since they were just helping.

          • lauren says:

            as far as you know, key phrase. I was there a long time. People show their true colors even when they are faceless.

          • indi mingo says:

            Lauren, with no concept of common-sense. I’m guessing that your primitive mind leads you believe that just about everyone is looking down their nose at you, and they effectively ARE. GloryS1 and SlipFallGuy have done more for WebAnswers then both of the owners have done cumulatively to be honest. And your statements/implications concerning them are despicable and ignorant to say the least! BOTH are kindhearted, helpful members, and if they took actions that lead to someone getting into trouble, it was well justified, I assure you. Please refrain from stepping all over their good names you scummy little douche! THX!

      • Lauren says:

        You fail..

        • indimingo says:

          If I fail, then I’m content with my failure, and I certainly don’t need you telling me why. Only a coward speaks ill of those that are not present to defend themselves. I don’t expect you to grasp the complexity of what I am conveying to you, so I urge you to just scurry along now and have a nice day in your own little world, where you’re the star and everyone hangs on every word you say! Buh-bye, Lauren!

      •  Lil Ricky says:

        How could anyone have someone else banned from WA? I was a member there, too, and I sure never saw anyone banned because of anything SFG or GloryS1 said or did on WebAnswers!

        I think SFG is a liar, but telling people lies and exaggerations about the site doesn’t mean he had any power to get people’s accounts closed! If SFG had any power on WA, don’t you think he would have kept his own account from being deleted?

    • rwells says:

      lame comment. Can’t do you any good.

  9. Dave says:

    One more detail discovered since the previous post involves the complete disconnect from Adsense noted by everyone on October 1. It does not appear that this disconnect had anything to do with the server change at all.
    There was a Cookie Law passed on the European continent some years ago that required all webmasters to post a link telling people about what their cookies collected, and offer visitors an option to either click that link to accept the site policy or leave before any cookies were placed on the visitor’s electronic device. Most websites in the US ignored that law.
    Google made a decision that all sites that use Adsense for earning revenue must comply with that law. According to researched content, Google notified all webmasters back in August to tell of this new mandate with the deadline for compliance on September 30. Any site that did not meet that mandate lost their Adsense connection. We would all see that link on WebAnswers if that mandate had been met.
    You can find much more information for yourself by searching “Adsense and EU cookie mandate”
    It appears that this is the reason the Adsense vanished. Members who noticed the change assumed it was due to some error in the server change on October 1. That certainly appears to be only a coincidence in timing.

  10. Dave says:

    Hi, It appears that Google has taken steps to deactivate all Adsense accounts linked to WebAnswers, most likely due to a detected high level of click fraud. The long term down period through September is only one issue. From researching outside online resources, most of WebAnswers has already been deindexed by Google. Doing anything to reconnect Adsense now could put your own Adsense account at serious jeopardy of being closed due to click fraud.

    In the past, Google had well over 8,500,000 pages indexed for WebAnswers. I started watching the indexing when WebAnswers began having a lot of down time beginning in early September and noticed back then that several million pages were already deindexed. I have watched as thousands more vanish with each passing day. As of this writing, there are only 470,000 pages left to vanish. You can watch the counts for yourself by using the Google search with the words site:WebAnswers.com

    In researching the reasons why Google would deindex site pages, I found several sites that explained multiple past Google site reviews began the task with unacceptable duplicate content, what Google considers totally useless junk content and pages with title lines but no content (for WA, that would include unanswered questions).

    In April 2015, Google launched Mobilgeddon. This particular site review is intentionally deindexing site pages that are not mobile friendly. WebAnswers fails the test for a mobile friendly site. It is like a third strike against the site. The deindexing is raging ahead at thousands of pages per day.

    Many people do not understand what that means. Google uses a robot system to continuously scan website pages. They add valid pages to their index so the content comes up when someone searches for matching content. When a website page is deindexed, it will not come up in any search. That means future customers will never see the site pages and they can’t be the ones clicking any ads.

    For now, the only way most of WebAnswers pages can be viewed are from within the site itself. That generally means the only people who are even seeing any of the content are active members working the site. That also means the only people who can be clicking any ads are other active members, which is clearly click fraud, and that threatens every Adsense account linked to the site.

    According to Google posted policies, Sean would have to create a mobile friendly version for every page on the site and would have to actively remove all duplicate, junk and blank page content before he could apply to Google to have the remainder of the site reindexed. Until then, no customers will be able to click ads because they cannot find the pages. This is no short term fix.

    For now, it appears earning revenue through WebAnswers is not going to happen any time soon, if at all. There is nothing anyone can do to change that until the WA administration addresses the Google concerns.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thank you for comment

    • DaddyEvil says:

      Better check your crystal ball again, Dave!

      You are not the researcher you want everyone to believe you are! Google is still showing ads on WA pages even today, 12/19/15! (What happened to all that work Sean needed to do to return the ads to WA? Is he finished with that, Sir Simpleton? (Not according to the email I received last time I talked with Sean. He was quite content to sit on his laurels and wait for Google to fix their non-existent problems before he did any more work on WA!)

      So, Sean didn’t fix any of the problems you claim he must fix before any ads will ever run on WA again, and yet, ads never stopped running on WA…

      WOW! Such a great researcher! You can’t even see that the ads never stopped running on WebAnswers, even for one day! What/Where are these “outside” sources that are giving this erroneous data, Dave?

      To me, it looks like the same garbage you have been spewing at everyone for at least the last year!

      And someone certainly is earning money from all those Google approved and placed ads on the still indexed pages of WebAnswers!

      That wouldn’t be YOUR AdSense ID number showing on every one of those still extant pages, would it, SFG?

      You are so full of yourself!

      • KWS Adams says:

        DaddyEvil, it’s true Ads are still showing up on all Webanswers pages but, who is taking in the earnings? Non of the members is earning anything and if not mistaken, even you yourself, you might not be earning anything out of your work. I personally think that those ads which are displaying on the site have the WA owners PUB and a sigh that none of the members will earn not until something is one. But when will that be? After how long will we be able to see that happen? That is why I write this post and asked what exactly happened. Apart from the ongoing speculations, none seems to know the fact and what will happen next not until the site owners say something. Lets keep waiting. Thanks for commenting.

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