What Are Public Domain eBooks? Can You Sell Them On Amazon Kindle?

This question of what exactly Public Domain eBooks are and whether you can add them or sell on Amazon Kindle store remains a challenging one to many out there just like it is for me. I have always asked myself a similar question over the years about Public domain eBooks not knowing that the same question does sound in many peoples minds not until today when a friend emailed me about the same.

I know it well that Amazon allows Kindle publishers to list Public domain eBooks in their stores but on condition that you fulfill the KDP terms with regard. But the question remains what exactly such eBooks are and what one can make a difference of what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Are such e-Books the same as the free ones we see listed on the free-ebook listing sites where you can download them and use as you wish or for them are a bit different?

What kind of rights do qualifying e-books have when compared with all other e books which are freely available for download and for use?

What exactly does PDE stand for with explanation and in detail? Looking forward to hear from you readers.

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