What Are The Top 5 Best Infrared Hair Straighteners for 2018?

What Are The Top 5 Best Infrared Hair Straighteners for 2017? Are you looking out for the Best Infrared Hair Straightener? If your answer is YES, then this review is a must read for you. In here, you will find the top 5 for 2017, being the answer many to the above title question which many have been searching for. In the same list which we have narrowed down just for your benefit, you will get instant access to everything you might have been looking out for with regard to what the best product should be.

Take your time and go through this list of the top 5 best infrared hair straighteners in 2017. Each product model and type has its features, specifications, benefits and cons outlined. You will as well get to know what verified buyers ranked the each of the below products, in addition to making a comparison on what the best one is according to you.

1. [[[xtava Pro-Satin]]]

xTava Pro-Satin

Ranked at No. 18 in beauty, the xtava Pro-Satin boosts of being best when it comes to the 3 points including producing a healthy heat, multi-temperature heat selection and being smartly designed. Its “2 wide ceramic tourmaline plates and advanced microprocessor” allows the user enjoy maximum benefits with total control. The different settings ranging from 265-445°F respectively will match any hair type and thus helping one to keep her style. By looking at the different reviews, One buyer reported that “the cord swivel doesn’t move very easily”, well as this can be fixed easily by following the recommendation in the comment section.

2. [[[HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron<]]]

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

With purchase figures of 26,171, this is enough to tell why HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is ranked not only at No. 1 but too being the best seller. This product is manufactured by the professionals just like the name suggests. This product boosts to offer more than straightening as it too “curls and flips hair beautifully”. It has a “flash quick heating, swivel cord, easier grip, versatile heat settings, solid ceramic plates, moist ceramic heat and total control when it comes to maintaining the temperature of your choice.

3. [[[Madami MD-80]]]

Madami MD-80

Imagine owning this best MCH heater which heats up to maximum temperature within just a few seconds from between US $1-19 per piece. It boots to feature a 360 degree salon swivel cord, never tangle, 60 mins auto shut off when not used, Ceramic / Titanium / Touramline / Coating Nano floating plates with temperature settings of 130-230℃(260-450℉) respectively.

4. [[[L’ROUGE 24K Gold Infrared Hair Straightener]]]

L'ROUGE 24K Gold Infrared Hair Straightener

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When you visit Le Bleu Paris on Amazon, trust me you will get to know that their store is all about health products. This is why their L’ROUGE 24K Gold Infrared Hair Straightener is on the growing list of popular products. The product technology helps “treat damaged hair, stimulates growth, eliminates bacteria, disinfects, provides not only softness but too shines it. It has up to 11 temperature controls, an LCD display, settings from 250°-450° F, and is made of recyclable materials.

5. [[[Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron]]]

Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

A no. 23 sales rank counting from the number of related products is not a small deal. This item boots to the best technology for “sterilization and deodorization”. It has an auto shut down when not used, titanium ionic plates, far-infrared heat, FND digital display, digital temperature control, up to 25 heat settings, 200F-450F temperature which all leads to smooth cuticles and shiny hair.

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