What Is Domain Name Faillisted? How It Differs From Blacklisting Say By Google?

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What Is Domain Name Faillisted? How It Differs From Blacklisting Say By Google?

Wondering what it means when one talks of a domain name being Faillisted and or being Blacklisted by Google? Keep reading since this article answers all of the above questions as seen in the post title.

James is a friend who buys and sells old and new domain names. He has been running this business steadily without any problem not until of recent when he bought two domains names from a same owner with each of them having a problem related to this question.

And in a bid to find where his fate was forwarding to after having paid for these domains at a highest price, he emailed me a question about What a Faillisted domain name was and how it differed from domain blacklisting for example by Google which is James preferred search engine. And yes, as usual, I responded to him through writing a full post since I thought that many out there might be having this same question in their heads but with no answer and below we go.

What domain name Faillisting means?

To cut this short and as far as I understand this myself, a domain name being Faillisted simply means that Google suspended showing of their Advertisements aka Adsense on that domain name. If you got a different view, feel free to correct using the comment below.

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What domain name Blacklisting means?

On this issue, the answer is simple. The domain name can’t get traffic from Google search with reason being that it has been suspended or banned from Google’s search engine. If you have a different answer, you can correct me using the comment too.

How the two terms “domain Blacklisting and Faillisting” differs?

If you read well the above, of course you can be able to know the difference between the two. Briefly, just know that a domain can have one of them applied or even both for example, a domain name can be blacklisted while not being Faillisted and vice versa.

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What Is Domain Name Faillisted? How It Differs From Blacklisting Say By Google?

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