What Is Fundbox? How It Works To Clear Invoices & Overcome Cash Flow Gaps?

Ever heard of Fundbox? Do you know how it works? Have you ever used them to clear your invoices and overcoming your cash flow gaps instantly without waiting the net 30, net 60 or even the net 90 days basis? Yes, if you have or haven’t, this post has it all. All you need is to go on and read it all in order to understand them better and too find answers to your questions.

What is Fundbox? Personally, I can refer to them as being a cash flow management solution for small business basing on what they claim to be doing and offering. Their mission is to offer any business or individual that peace of mind needed to focus on “work instead of worrying about your cash flow gaps”. “They are the easiest and most transparent financial solution for all your business’ cash flow gaps”.

How does Fund Box work? Simple, it all begins by visiting their website and creating an account which is free, and taking only a few seconds to accomplish. Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or a business, they claim to have you covered since they are ready to advance your payments so that you can cover your invoices without waiting for net payments and so forth.

The account creation process requires you to provide your active email address, choose your preferred password, selecting your bookkeeping application and you are done.

How do you clear your outstanding Invoices through Fundbox?

Simple, you simply click on any of your outstanding invoices and the money to clear will be transferred to your bank account. This ensures that you need not to wait to get payments from clients in order to move forward with your business needs since you get access to money at any time you need it.

Are there any Fees associated with their service

Of course yes, there is a fee associated and which is automatically calculated basing on your business and the amounts to clear. Checking on their website under pricing can help you learn more about their prices.

How long does it take for Fund Box money to reach your bank account

There website indicates 3 days. But the number of days may vary depending on the speed at which your bank too processes incoming funds.

Are they secure or Legitimate

According to the different other reviews by the different people, I can say that yes. They seem to be secure just like they too well said it as seen quoted below..

The security of your data is our highest priority. We’ve built a state of the art bank level security environment that is compliant with the industry’s strictest requirements.

Who are Fund-box Funders or Investors?

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When you check out their about us page, you will be amazed. There is a long list of partners who are their investors for example Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Blumberg Capital and many more others.

I am sure this information will be helpful to all of you who have been asking about them and wanting to know the details. James, I have used this opportunity to answer the email you sent me asking about the same after you saw their Advert and Sponsored post on Facebook.

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