What Is The Best Free High CTR Adsense WordPress Theme?

High CTR Adsense WordPress Themes You have heard many sharing how having a High website CTR means higher earnings right? And yes, this is something real since the higher the number of clicks, the higher your earnings are likely to be assuming all other factors are normal. If you own a WordPress website and have always wanted to increase your site revenue, then knowing what the best themes with a high click-through-rates is the ultimate solution.

Many developers claim to offer both paid and free High CTR Adsense themes for WordPress on the internet, and which is very right well as the big question remains on what the best ones among the many is. Personally, I have been trying out lots of different themes on client websites and one thing I realized is the fact that it’s almost impossible for one t o know which one is the best.

According to the different reviews many share with regard, a paid or free high CTR Adsense WordPress theme is one which has advertising spots in places where they can easily be seen at first sight without one having to scroll. Yes, these kind of ads are placed usually on the above the fold, while some are placed within contents and side bars.

Taking a look at themes like  Splash, Ad-Sense, Sensational, SocialNow, MagXP, MyBlog, Jannah, Truemag, Authority, Grimag, Centilum, SuperAds Lite, Numinous and many others by the popular theme developers, you will realize that most have Adspots where adverts are seen on the very first entry to the site. And believe me you, those spots seem to be the best performing when it comes to impressions and clicks.

But, it is also important to take other factors into consideration since having only a high ctr theme Adsense WordPress won’t help but rather, combining all other factors including traffic, content type and etc since when combined, one can make it all.

As an answer to this common question of What is the best free high ctr Adsense WordPress theme is, all I can tell you is simple. Look at the description of the Theme and read it well. Take a demo preview and see the same theme in action. Look at the Advertisement spots, theme adaptability to PC and mobile (responsiveness) and make a choice.

The above will help you determine your targets and goals when compared with your overall WordPress site metrics like Traffic, content and etc. I am sure you are now able to answer our question. Till then!

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