What To Look For In A Storage Facility

Self Storage facility For many people looking for storage facilities, it’s not about where to find storage facilities, as those are quite easy to find. It’s about what to look out for in a storage facility in order to get maximum value from it. While this might not seem like a crucial decision, the preservation of the items you store requires a bit of thought. You should have a checklist of features and services you want to look for — factors like those we are about to discuss.

Climate Control Options – If you have sensitive items like a grand piano, you know that climate control is can be critical to the survival of those items. Climate control is also excellent for dust prevention as they are fitted with anti-dust technologies. Delicate items are best stored in storage facilities with climate control.

Easy to Reach – Unless you have a lot of things that you really want to make difficult to find, your storage facility should be located in a place that is quite easy to reach. You don’t want to have to drive three hours on back alleys and winding roads just to get to where your things are. A good facility should not be that difficult to find, and you should pick a storage unit that’s convenient to where you will be.

Adequate Protection and Security for Your Things – This is a no-brainer, really. But it’s worth mentioning. One of the things you must check out is the storage facility’s security. If the security of the place is lax or nonexistent, you should take a rain check and keep looking until you find one that is adequately secured.

All storage facilities should have cameras in the surrounding and hallways and have multiple layers of fences or other security if possible. There should be a keypad lock with access codes gives to renters instead of padlocks that can be cut with cutting tools. This is important because you don’t want to store any valuables, only to have them stolen.

Clean Surroundings and Units – A storage facility is not a pigsty or somewhere that can afford to be dirty. Take a look around and ensure that the storage unit, itself, as well as the surrounding environs. This is how you know that the units are well-maintained. A dirty storage facility attracts rodents and other pests – just the sort of creatures you don’t want lurking around your belongings.

Should Have Other Conveniences – It should be fairly easy to load and unload things at the facility, plus here should also be a private unloading area that’s cordoned off or inaccessible to prying eyes. This will help detract hoodlums and criminals. After all, people are tempted by what they see. So if they don’t see anything the first time, they may not give your stuff a second thought.

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Affordability Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Cheap – There’s a difference between cheap and affordable. If the only advantage of your intended storage service is the price, you may want to reconsider your options. All the points mentioned above are crucial to the safety and preservation of your items. If even one of them is missing, you may want to keep looking until you find one that suits, and meets all requirements on the checklist. Never let money be a major deciding factor. Otherwise, you just might find that the seemingly cheap storage facility will cost you more in the loss or degradation of your things.

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