What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Every time you book a plane ticket the website asks you: ‘do you want to add on travel insurance?’ There is a lot of confusion and questions around why you should pay for travel insurance, what it does and doesn’t cover, and if it really necessary. That all depends on you and if you’re willing to risk your baggage getting lost on the way to your destination, encountering a severe medical emergency or your possessions being stolen out of your hotel room.

In this article we are going to look at what you need to know about travel insurance in order for you to weigh up your options for your next holiday

Do you Really Need Travel Insurance?

This decision can be made by reflecting on the considerable financial risk of traveling – missed flights, illness, theft, lost baggage, and more – and if you are willing to take the risk of traveling without it with the hope that nothing goes wrong. Sometimes it’s worth paying for travel insurance to give you the peace of mind you might need in order to enjoy your holiday with your family, knowing that no matter what happens you are covered and do not need to worry about money if something goes wrong.

Travel Insurance Guide

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Who to Buy Travel Insurance From

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In order to find the best deal, or one that suits your needs, shop around. Don’t be tempted to take the hassle-free option of the insurance promoted by the airline you are booking with just because it means you don’t have to look for and book with someone else. Why? Because you are more likely to find a cheaper insurance option that is better value for the cover you need elsewhere. Have a look on price comparison websites, such as Price Check and Go Compare, and look though the options before you make a decision – although you shouldn’t make the decisions on price alone. This way you will end up paying for what you want and need.

When to Buy Travel Insurance

It is advisable to purchase travel insurance as soon as you have booked your flights and hotel room in Dubai or wherever you are traveling to, but preferably on the same day. This is because travel insurance policies come with cancellation cover in case you cannot go on your trip due a relative falling ill, there is a natural disaster, or if the carrier foes out of business, meaning you might be able to get the money back that you spent on your holiday – depending on cancellation cover on some insurers’ policies, be sure to check the fine print and know the facts.

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