What’s New In WordPress 3.8 To Mobile Admin Users? [My Findings]

With the recent release of WordPress 3.8 or Parker as many refer it to, many WP users got what exactly they were expecting while at the same time, many others but mainly the Mobile Back-End Admin users or those who manage their sites using cell phones and other mobile devices never got what they expected although reading the WP release notes makes one think that everything remained good. And honestly, I am one of those who have been touched due to the fact that the Mobile Admin responsive interface did completely change almost everything to an extent that administering a WordPress site using a mobile application like Opera and other cell phone browsers is almost impossible and being one of those who used to do that even on the go makes me feel very isolated.

Its so true that WordPress 3.8 is the most advanced and good looking “best of WP” version ever released due to the whole lot of new features but to those who use desktops, laptops, etc other than the mobile managerial users. Just like it is recommended that we should always ensure that our WordPress core and all plugins stay update as a security measure, this is exactly what happened when I decided to upgrade my site “the other one which is having problems” to WP 3.8 the very day it was released and now I am wishing I had never did that and possibly thinking of a cleaner way to revert all changes and or to disable the responsive way.

Some of the new WP version features include a change in the landing page, the admin colors, a modern aesthetic, typography, refined themes and contrasts, smoother widget experiences, 2014 magazine theme and so many others.

What Is New To Mobile Admin Users?

This is the main reason why I wrote this so as to share with others and possibly identify a solution if its already available – how to disable the responsive mobile theme.

1. Guest Writers – With the new 3.8, its impossible to see who submitted the guest post which is pending moderation. All you can see is the availability of the post other than who submitted and which wasn’t the casr with the previous versions.

2. Comment Posters – Before, the name of who posted a comment being held for moderation would be seen but in the new Parker, all you can see is the comment with options but never the name of the poster.

3. The Menu – Previously, the menu icons were made available where by one would decide to collapse or not but now, the Menu link is available but doesn’t respond on so many occasions.

4. Post List – While the posts on site can be seen, their categories, tags, authors, Y/N email subscriptions are not visible just like they used to be.

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The above and many others are the ones which makes me wonder if I need to revert or go on using the new responsive option and in case you have tackled this already or seen a solution somewhere, please share below.

PS: The above are my own findings based on my own WP 3.8 with Opera use where by others may come up with their own findings basing on the devices they use.

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