What’s Popular On Twitter In Uganda Now With Images

Trending in Uganda on Twitter Now It’s today and right now. If you are a social fan and in Uganda or outside but simply love to keep posted and following, then you should read this as its what’s happening right now. I am follower of many on this worlds Giant social networking site. I am updated with all the latest and trending posts as posted by Ugandan people, comrades, celebrities, Televisions, Radios, Newspapers and etc on Twitter as a choice.

Today and right now, I am sharing with you what’s popular on Twitter in Uganda with image screenshots as taken live. If you want to know what’s going on or happening, and or what people are talking about, then you got to read this and now. Lets head direct on whats on by the different posters.

@DailyMonitor about Human waste

Human water @DailyMonitor on Twitter

@ChimpReports about Katushabe Murder

@ChimpReports about Katushabe Murder on Twitter

@LuciaMusau about Twins

@LuciaMusau about Twins

@VisionGrp about Brutality where Wife Pins Lawyer

@VisionGrp about Brutality where Wife Pins Lawyer

@UgandaMediaCent about Operation Wealth Creation

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@UgandaMediaCent about Operation Wealth Creation

These are five and “my trending” on the list. Oh yes, how about if you share what is there in your network so we can get to know more about what’s happening… over to you!

KWS Adams

My name is KWS Adams. Blogging is my Passion. I love writing and sharing about everything. Connect me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Whatsapp.

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