What’s The Freenom Error code 0x08823 – Registration Failed Solution?

Freenom Free Domain Names Seen this Freenom Error code 0x08823? How about its solution? Read on to explore. Freenom is a free domain name registration and service provider. Freenom is known for registering the many domain extensions include the renowned free dot tk dot ml, edot ga and many others as seen here.

However, there is this new error code 0x08823 which pops up during the new freenom domain registration with message “At this moment we are unable to register any domains or other services in this account. Please contact support for more information. Error code 0x08823. We thank you for using Freenom”, and which seem to be bothering many users including myself since I use the service for my testing purposes.

Every time this error appears, it definitely means that you wont register the domain of your choice. And in a bit to find out the possible solution, I searched the freenom support and ended up with the following below.

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Freenom Registration Failed Error

As you can see in the above screenshot, I really wonder where you fall. As far as I understood, its like freenom has a new policy in place and which all should follow. No registration of domains which you aren’t ready to use.

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7 Responses

  1. holla says:

    not working

  2. NDEV says:

    This is the only free domain working. And i got this error too.

  3. Dave M says:

    Just chimming in. I received this error with no apparent reason. I have one domain registered and it is pointed to active I.P., so….hmmmm. I’ll try again later I suppose. It is free after all.

    • KWS Adams says:

      You will try, try, retry and fail. It will only be until then when you will discover that Freenom aka Dot.tk is nolonger free for us. Oh, may be chose a paid option and see.

  4. Helping Hand says:

    This is not true. I tried making different accounts from different IPs and they all have that error even for the first ever requested domain. Then I came across this link (cant post link here for some reason) — which says their domain registrar ICANN accredition has been suspended for cybersquatting.

    • KWS Adams says:

      How about if you creates multiple accounts using the same IP address? As per their how it works, all member IP addresses are logged. Well am not sure too. Thanks for the comment.

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