Whatsapp – How To Make A Free Voice Call/Send A Voice Message

Looking on how to make a free call on Whatsapp? How about sending a Voice Message using the same application? This tutorials is all about the above and it entails how to go about the two easily, freely and simply.

Whatsapp is one of the popular applications many smartphone users download, install and use on their devices. And yes, its a free application to download and to use for he first year after which you can renew it by simply paying as low as $0.99, and which is very less basing on what you can do with the app.

Whatsapp introduced the free calling feature just like it did to the voice text feature. And now, its a combination of two different things in addition to the many which has been in existence for example the file sending feature including photos and videos, texts and others.

How does the Whatsapp Calling feature work?

The answer is simple. You initiate a call when logged in to your whatsapp account using their dashboard and you are done. The other party will see a call from your name and your account image. There are no hidden options when making a call. You simply use the call icon as seen when logged in and you are done.

How does the Whatsapp voice text work?

This is very simple as well. You only hold the microphone option icon, record your words, release the microphone and you are done. Upon release, the voice message will be sent to the recipient. This is another great feature. It allows you to record a message and send it instantly regardless of who you are sending.

To note : The calling feature is not available on all versions of Whatsapp. You need to download the latest whatsapp application from your app store for example Google play and or simply update your current one.

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Your device might too matter when it comes to certain features of whatsapp working or not.

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