Whatsapp Tricks – How To Write In Bold, Italic & Strikethrough

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Whatsapp in Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

Wondering how to write in Bold, Italic or with a Strike-through on Whatsapp? Don’t be like me, take a breath and red this post. By the time you are through it, you will be able to write anything on Whatsapp in Bold letters, Italic look and or with that Strike-through line. Oh yes, Ben who heads one popular whatsapp farming group known as Business forum shared with me some tricks I never knew about this social application. And yes, credit goes to him for sharing it with me.

When Facebook writing on Blue started, I was left behind. Wanna know why? The answer is simple, I didn’t want to ask since I would feel as if I have cheated exams. I waited and waited but in vain until I gave up. And for Whatsapp, I have been seeing people write to me in Bold, Italic and others in Strike through and kept wondering how this could be possible.

But thanks to my powerful research, I am sharing with you my findings and which are the exact answer to all who may be having similar questions. From now on, if anyone asks you about how to write in Bold? How to write in Italic? And how to write to with Strike through, just refer him or her to this post, and or simply answer what you have read through.

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How to write in Bold letters?

This is very simple. In order to write in Bold, simply add * at the start and end of text eg to write how in bold, do this *how*. The result will be how

How to write in Italic?

This also is very simple. To write in Italic, simply start with this under score _ and add it too at the end of the text. Eg to write how in Italic, write _how_. The result will be how.

How to write with Strike-through / crossed line?

Okay, with this, you will need to use this ~ at the end and start of your text. Eg, how will be written as ~how~. The next time you think of adding such customization on your Whatsapp text, the answer is what you just read above. Holla, Chat and enjoy.

Whatsapp Tricks – How To Write In Bold, Italic & Strikethrough

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