Where To Repair Your Tecno and iTel Phone Free In Uganda

Where To Repair Your Tecno and iTel Phone Free In Uganda Tecno and iTel are one of the demanded phones in Uganda. And yes, they are too just like others smartphones and mobiles since they too get errors and which may seek the service of an experienced personnel or a technician. If you own a Tecno or iTel smartphone or mobile feature phone, this post will guide you on how to get 100% free phone servicing and repairs and too show you where you can go and get that free service.

Regardless of what is wrong with your Tecno and iTel mobile phone but for as long as it is not the physical or personal damage, you are on sure deal that you will be able to get the free phone repairing service for your Tecno and iTel device in Uganda. You see, money is very scarce we all know. And that is why everyone will try to save a dime which can be used for tomorrow right? And how about saving the technician money and use it into other things by using the free repair service?

You should note that Tecno and iTel mobile and smartphones comes with a 12 month warranty and where by during this period, one is supposed to enjoy free repair and maintenance of history her device. And this is what exactly I am referring to. You can simply take your Tecno or iTel mobile or smartphone to any other CarlCare branch service centers in your district and have your phone repaired free of charge.

CarlCare is the free repairing center for all Tecno and iTel mobile and smartphones sold in the country. You can go to their branch on Kampala road and or on William street Rene plaza and enjoy a free phone repair service for damaged which qualify for example a non working mouth piece, charging problem, non working ear piece, broken screen and others.

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The only one thing you should note is ensuring that your phone warranty seal still exists on your mobile device or otherwise, you will be charged for the repair cost.

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20 Responses

  1. Ssenkungu Emmanuel says:

    What are the working hours for Calcare Kampala road?

  2. Andrew says:

    My Camon C9 its battery now lasts for seconds only, when the battery percentage reaches around 89% it shuts down and it is in built. what a poor perfomance!!

  3. Nabaweesi kevin says:

    My tecno camon cx, the screen got broke, is it possible for me to return it back and o get a replacement because it is still new.

  4. isaac bwaya says:

    my phone fell and the screen broke i would like to repair it how much and where can i take

  5. Juma S says:

    is here the best technicians of tecno phones in uganda?

  6. Ayubu ssemakula says:

    My tekni c9 is not working the back flash light please help me sir even if u snap a pic it doesn’t wrk

  7. Richard Bakaki says:

    How much do you charge for a Screen Replacement of TECNO C8 for i know my warranty might be done already. Am ready tp pay for it.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Richard Bakaki, Walk into the Carlcare and you will get to know the price for Screen Replacement of TECNO C8. You can as well inquire from participating phone accessory stores for the best bergain.. Please note, always trust a trusted provider.

    • waswas ismail says:

      How much is the screen of C8 tecno

  8. hanuza says:

    Do u sell motherboards coz I nee 4 techno j7 nd Hw mch

  9. shadrack says:

    I have a techno c9 dead screen. Help out please 0705351699

  10. latiff says:

    how much is the tecno tablet phone Droipad7

  11. kenan says:

    My techno j7’s android has started stopping and applications crushing…. Wat could be the problem…. Does it need to be flashed??

  12. mirimo mustafa says:

    I have an Itel phone it2520 but it fell down and has stopped powering, what can i do.

    Regards Mustafa Mirimo

    [email protected]

  13. Tonny Okech says:

    I have TECNO P9 smot phone it blacked of when I was using this evening. Right now I am in Kampala I need a dirction to carlcare office in Kampala here so that I can bring it for repair.And also I have a itel phone I sat on it and the screen got broken I need to put another new screen.please direct me to carlcare service centre in Kampala here.

  14. Tonny Okech says:

    I have TECNO P9 smart phone it blacked of when I was using this evening. Right now I am on Kampala I need a dirction to carlcare office in Kampala here so that I bring it for repair.

  15. kaka' Wycliff says:

    I charged my itel i1501 with a solar charger and when it reached the percentage of 99%, i waited for it to reach 100% for a complete charge, but amazingly, it showed some red written warning i knew nothing about and it popped out. when i switched it on, it started getting hot at the back where the camera is and then hotter, i felt like it might burst, i switched it off again. i gave it time and the situation was repeating itself. it was consuming the battery even faster it then stopped working, what could be the cause? can it be repaired or NOT?

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