Why Did MyLot Suspend/Delete A 30 Minute Newly Created Account?

If a MyLot staff or even a member is reading this, you might consider posting a comment since that’s what one of this website reader aimed at by submitting this post. This is not a MyLot.com Review nor a pointing article but rather, a post where one member of this site choose to share what happened to his newly created 30 minute mylot account when it was closed/suspended without any communication from any staff and the story begins.

MyLot is both a questions and answers spot, a blogging community, a discussions board, a social network, an online hangout, a money making website and my others as we know it. And when I saw MyLot as genuine and legit money making opportunity for the different users in a Solo-Email I received from one site I am a subscriber, I decided to give it a try not knowing that all was a waste of time. I followed the link, created an account, customized it and additionally added a my photo on my profile after which I decided to go on reading through the site terms and some of the posts which many other members had posted.

While browsing through the different articles, I came across a shorter article which was all about a Paid to Click site I cant recall well and which to me looked promotional in nature but still posted as an article and with comments from other users. That is where I came to know that may be, posting a shorter article about anything of choice was accepted and I went on to post a 100 words post, added a link to the destination page and submitted it.

I was happy when I saw my post live since I did all of the above not being so sure whether articles passed through screening or not. Sadly, within only a few minutes of posting my article, both the article and my account were no more on myLot. This looked a dream to me but after trying all the ways for like requesting for a password recovery, searching for my post and others in vain, its when I came to agree that my newly created account was gone from the site.

My question to any myLot user or staff who may happen to read this is why my account was deleted without any communication from their side? And if I had violated any of their terms, which one exactly did I? How about other similar posts like the ones I had posted which are still on myLot website?

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Thank you! Waiting for your response on the above!

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